Thursday, May 6, 2010

F-suit: Prototype Stage

I have been busy putting together the prototype for the f-suit project which has a custom-hood with mouth cover and blindfold. I want to make sure the fit is perfect before I begin cutting expensive leather, so I first want to make a sample in cheaper material - in this case vinyl. This lets me check the fit by sending to the client, and also allows me to edit and modify the design and pattern as I go without wasting pricey material figuring things out.

The vinyl goes for around $6 a yard, versus $4 to $5 per square foot for leather.

Here you can see the pieces cut out of a vinyl that approximates the weight of the leather I will be using on the final.
Here are the hood elements on a foam head. I'm checking the position of the straps, but it's hard to place correctly in this case because the styrafoam head is smaller than a real head. This is where the fit test is invaluable.
Here, with the blindfold removed: Looks kinda cool!
Next up is the body of the f-suit. This suit pattern has been modified to accommodate a busty slave, so the front panel is picking up the design from the ladies straitjacket project. There will be a single piece at the shoulders and neck, three panels at the breast, and back to two panels and a center seam at the waist through crotch area.

Here is the body of the f-suit (shown inside-out).
I'll now send this off to the client for test fitting. Based on feedback from that fitting, the pattern can be modified before I start cutting and sewing the final.

It is a lot of work, but it is the only way to make sure the final fit will be exactly the way it needs to be. It also explains the expense of making one-of-a-kind items versus mass-produced, assembly-line products. But the quality and fit of the end result is worth it, I believe.


  1. Dear Christopher,

    i'm asking because if you don't know that, i don't know who will. I've been browsing the web for this item (, a "japanese style" armbinder as demonstrated in some old 1ns3x videos. It's nowhere to be found. Only found a couple of cheapos at Sub-shop or ebay which zipper would (honestly) break while your trying to zip it.

    Have you ever seen that before?

  2. I have seen that restraint before, and I am not sure where PD of InSex fame has his stuff made but I am pretty sure that is a custom piece. I would love to know who his custom leather crafter is, as they do really nice work.

  3. I would as well. Most of the stuff at 1ns3x remain unseen in the regular shops. So you believe you could craft and armbinder like this one?

  4. test, contact me at christopherfetish(at) to discuss having a custom piece made.