Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Deviant Art post

I just uploaded a few more images to my Deviant Art account today. There are a lot of things I have created over the years that are just gathering dust on archive discs. I figured why not put them out there and share with the rest of the world?

Some of the pieces are pretty finished, and some are rough sketches. There are things from over 10 years ago to some relatively recent creations. These days I am doing more in leather and less in pencil, ink and Photoshop.
Some of these were intended for a book I hoped to publish someday, but the expense and hassle was too much for me at the time. I still hope to have something in print someday...

Click here to see more: christopherfetish.deviantart.com.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Completed sleepsack: The Blackout Binder

I recently completed a commissioned piece that is totally cool. The client contacted me for a sleepsack with attached hood. He has a real passion for intense sensory deprivation bondage scenarios, and wanted the strictest and tightest possible fit with a clean look. I suggested a rear zippered panel to allow quick release in case of emergency, but also a lacing panel to provide a really adjustable and tight fit. There were to be internal sleeves and an access hole in the front, but since the lacing and zipper are in the back, the front would present a streamlined and smooth surface.

I found this really nice heavy leather - soft and supple but really thick and shiny at the leather supplier. We decided to keep some of the brand marks and scars on the leather to allow it to show on the final piece. It lends a tough, rugged feel to the sleepsack.

I also did a variation on the pattern for the hood. Usually the leather I use for hoods is flexible enough to form the contour around the chin through stretching. Since this leather is so thick and heavy, I created a seam at the point of the chin to accommodate the shape with the stiffer leather. It took a couple of prototypes to perfect the joint, but we are really happy with the way it turned out.

The fit is so tight, it really has a sculptural quality...

The foot pocket was pretty unique on this project as well, closely following the contour of the foot. It's the most shoe-like foot pocket I've done so far...
Rolling over takes quite a bit of effort.

I'm really happy with the way the lacing came out, running all the way to the bottom of the heel.

The hole is easily covered with a scrap piece, and there are no worries about getting anything caught in the zipper.

In this picture you can see some of the brand marks that were intentionally left in near the left arm. It gives the sleepsack a unique signature.
As tight as it is, you can see there is room to go even tighter!!
The client mentioned he hopes to spend the entire night in the sleepsack. I wish him good luck, and hope he makes it!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My new Deviant Art account

I recently opened up an account on Deviant Art to share some illustrations and artwork I have been creating over the past few years. I had hoped to maybe publish a book someday, but it seems like everyone wants to just view things online instead of buying books. The thought of self-publishing a bunch of books and sitting on stacks of inventory, or the hassles of distribution brought that idea to a halt. But, instead of having the art collect dust in the corner I decided to put some things out there for others to enjoy... A few samples below, and more to be seen on http://christopherfetish.deviantart.com/

A project for Serious Bondage

I contacted Mark from Serious Bondage a while back and asked him if there was anything I could make for him, as I have been wanting to collaborate with him on a project for a few years now. We discussed a few things, and decided I would make a male version of the butterfly straitjacket for his site SeriousMaleBondage. It would be a heavier-duty version of the one I usually make, with maybe some contrasting straps and a more asylum-type look.

Seems like a cool project with the opportunity to try some new things! Right away I offered to make a matching hood, possibly connecting to the body in some yet-to-be-determined way. After that, Mark suggested adding an additional leg sack as well, so the whole thing could become a kind of modular F-suit...

See how carried away we can get once we get the ideas flowing?

I created a few sketches to show the initial concept, and to try and work out the basic color scheme:
When I go to buy leather I am always inspired by all the different colors and textures available. Unfortunately, about 90% of the time I chicken out and go with all black. I really want to push in some new directions with color, and this project might be a good chance to do that. What do you think? I know... black just goes with everything, right?