Monday, March 28, 2011


Hello, folks! I have finished work this past week on an f-suit in a very beautiful heavy-weight leather. It's much thicker than the leather I normally use for this project, which means the end result an extremely restrictive restraint.

The gorgeous black leather hide was an odd-lot that I picked up at an upholstery shop in LA's garment district a couple of years ago. I had set it aside for a special project, and this turned out to be the perfect project I was waiting for. It has a nice shiny finish, and is that rare combination of thickness, shine and softness (or pliablity) that is so hard for me to find. If I could find more of this stuff I would buy it in a heartbeat...

This project was born of a mishap with a current order, my first attempt at making an f-suit with a pointed toe at the foot pocket. In spite of the fact that I made a prototype, and many careful measurements, the fit was off on the final piece - a total disaster!! The client's foot didn't even come close to fitting in the pocket. I want to re-make the suit for the client, but am petrified about getting it right this time. It is all about having confidence in the pattern.

I decided to try to make the suit with the same pointed-toe style foot pocket for a model I have worked with over the years, and then translate what I learn to the revised client project.
The finished Heavy Leather f-suit looks just incredible on, with an extremely close, tight fit on the torso. The arm-pockets (or wings) on this suit have also been altered for an even tighter-than-normal fit.

Because of the weight of the leather, this suit is not something you could use for puppy-play or crawling around in. It's all about restriction, and slave control. The model couldn't even roll over on her own once inside this suit, and had to struggle to move at all.

The one thing I noticed is that the foot-pockets could get even smaller at the knees:

I'll have to tweak the pattern for next time... (Mu-hu ha ha!*)
* Insert diabolical laughter here.

Other design ideas in this suit are D-rings at the arm pockets, at the knees and toes, so the occupant can be completely chained down to the bed. Also, the bottom of the foot pocket actually follows the shape of the foot.
I am really happy with the way this test design came out, and look forward to making a new version for my client.

Now, if I can just find more of that heavy leather...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fetish Inspiration - Cocoa Soft

I have a list of fetish inspirations I have been sharing with you over the past few months, and one I had to mention is a quaint little site called Cocoa Soft. They are based in Japan, and they create what are probably my favorite perverted videos of all time. They start with beautiful Japanese women, and add the most twisted, mind-blowing full-body coverage bondage you have ever seen in your entire life. Then, they often torment and tease the helpless Japanese cuties until they have nothing left, and are squealing in orgasmic delight. That's pretty much my three favorite things all in one place.
If you have seen my f-suit, you'll understand part of the appeal they hold for me - several of their bondage wraps contain the arms and legs in a similar position. It is pretty amazing the flexibility these girls have. It's not easy to hold such an extreme position for very long, and they really bind these girls extra-tight.
I am just impressed with how extreme they are able to go, and am thankful that someone, somewhere has done it. I often hear from fetish photographers how models that can handle hoods are few and far between, which makes these girls all the more amazing.
These are bondage scenarios from your wildest imagination, made real. Vac-bed torments:
This mummification scene below takes place completely on-screen. You get to see the whole wrapping process, and that girl is in there a while.
I get so inspired by the images. Wouldn't a bondage suit based on the pose below be cool? Kind of a half-sleepsack, half hog-tie?
They are meticulous, too. This tape wrap takes a long time to apply, and look at how tight the lower leg is pulled into the thigh. Wow... And the feet - taped all the way to the end of the toes.
This scenario was incredible: total plaster mummification.
Just mind-blowing, creative and extreme bondage. Visit their site, buy their movies - let's keep these guys producing new work! I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

Making hood patterns

I have been busy working on some new domina hood designs lately, with a variety of inspirations. The first idea I had was to design something that referenced a police hat visor. It is a look I love, and that Mark Jacobs even showed on his runway models for Louis Vuitton recently. I know some might not think that it would be appropriate for a dom, because it could be seen as a sort of blindfold. But I just love the idea anyway, and controlling your sub's ability to see where you are looking is kind of cool. And who knows, maybe it will just become a submissive hood instead?

The next idea I had was: why do eye holes need to be so big? When the opening is close to the eye, you can actually see pretty well with a small opening. I starting doing sketches, and realized this was a pretty good description of eskimo eyewear, which is used by people to cut down the blinding light and glare from snow-covered environments. It's another take on controlling a slave's abilities to see where his domina is looking. Plus, the thin slits look pretty cool, and allows the shape and placement of the opening to become another design element.
The last idea I sketched out was a more traditional half-hood, sort of like something you'd use on a Falcon, with a pony-tail opening at the top.

Since I wanted to make several prototypes, I took the opportunity to use a variety of leathers in order to proof the pattern in each one. The thickness, softness, and stretchieness of leather all affect how a pattern will fit.
I was using zippers on these as well, as it is easier to set 3 zips vs. 36 grommets.
I assemble hoods in 2 sections: front and back. Then, once they are complete, the 2 halves are joined together at the midseam.
The patent leather hood looked particularly cool inside-out. You can see from the photo I was playing with the placement of the reinforcement around the eye opening. One is on the inside, one is sewn to the outside. Just trying out different looks.
I ended up making an open-mouth hood without eye openings of a pretty heavy leather. Definitely a submissive hood.
And here we have our final trio: Open-mouth submissive hood in heavy leather, slit-eyed domina hood in shiny, stretchy patent, and a visor hood in black lamb.
Unfortunately, these hoods didn't last very long, as they are tried on once, and cut up to assist in the refinement of the pattern. Nothing replaces the feedback you get from actually making a prototype in the material of your choice - all the fit problems pop out right away. These transitory prototypes are integral to my process of making tight-fitting hoods.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Butterfly Straitjacket for Serious Bondage

I wanted to share with you pictures of the butterfly straitjacket I just completed for our friends over at Serious Bondage. It came out really nice, and I really love the contrast between the brown and gray leathers used in this restraint.

My favorite part is probably the collar, which is nice and tall. There is a sort of cowl around the collar, inspired by images of Harry Houdini's old straitjacket.
The lacing panels on the arms will allow them to be cinched down extra tight.
There is a lot of lacing going on with this jacket... You can never be too tightly-laced, can you?

The side panel lacing will allow a lot of adjustment to ensure a tight fit.
The zipper closure in the rear is a heavy-duty YKK #10 zipper...
The rear collar, closeup:
A view from the back side:
Now I just have to finish the hood, and I can send it off! Coming soon...