Monday, March 7, 2011

Butterfly Straitjacket for Serious Bondage

I wanted to share with you pictures of the butterfly straitjacket I just completed for our friends over at Serious Bondage. It came out really nice, and I really love the contrast between the brown and gray leathers used in this restraint.

My favorite part is probably the collar, which is nice and tall. There is a sort of cowl around the collar, inspired by images of Harry Houdini's old straitjacket.
The lacing panels on the arms will allow them to be cinched down extra tight.
There is a lot of lacing going on with this jacket... You can never be too tightly-laced, can you?

The side panel lacing will allow a lot of adjustment to ensure a tight fit.
The zipper closure in the rear is a heavy-duty YKK #10 zipper...
The rear collar, closeup:
A view from the back side:
Now I just have to finish the hood, and I can send it off! Coming soon...

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