Monday, March 28, 2011


Hello, folks! I have finished work this past week on an f-suit in a very beautiful heavy-weight leather. It's much thicker than the leather I normally use for this project, which means the end result an extremely restrictive restraint.

The gorgeous black leather hide was an odd-lot that I picked up at an upholstery shop in LA's garment district a couple of years ago. I had set it aside for a special project, and this turned out to be the perfect project I was waiting for. It has a nice shiny finish, and is that rare combination of thickness, shine and softness (or pliablity) that is so hard for me to find. If I could find more of this stuff I would buy it in a heartbeat...

This project was born of a mishap with a current order, my first attempt at making an f-suit with a pointed toe at the foot pocket. In spite of the fact that I made a prototype, and many careful measurements, the fit was off on the final piece - a total disaster!! The client's foot didn't even come close to fitting in the pocket. I want to re-make the suit for the client, but am petrified about getting it right this time. It is all about having confidence in the pattern.

I decided to try to make the suit with the same pointed-toe style foot pocket for a model I have worked with over the years, and then translate what I learn to the revised client project.
The finished Heavy Leather f-suit looks just incredible on, with an extremely close, tight fit on the torso. The arm-pockets (or wings) on this suit have also been altered for an even tighter-than-normal fit.

Because of the weight of the leather, this suit is not something you could use for puppy-play or crawling around in. It's all about restriction, and slave control. The model couldn't even roll over on her own once inside this suit, and had to struggle to move at all.

The one thing I noticed is that the foot-pockets could get even smaller at the knees:

I'll have to tweak the pattern for next time... (Mu-hu ha ha!*)
* Insert diabolical laughter here.

Other design ideas in this suit are D-rings at the arm pockets, at the knees and toes, so the occupant can be completely chained down to the bed. Also, the bottom of the foot pocket actually follows the shape of the foot.
I am really happy with the way this test design came out, and look forward to making a new version for my client.

Now, if I can just find more of that heavy leather...


  1. i was concerned that the elbow rings would be painful to crawl with. But then: "Because of the weight of the leather, this suit is not something you could use for puppy-play or crawling around in." i'm glad that that was removed as an issue. ;)

    yet another beautiful design!

  2. Thanks, Sammy! Yeah, the D-rings are off to the side, set in the back pocket seam, so if you COULD get your arms in front you wouldn't be crawling on them. But this is such a tight, heavyweight suit - you are pretty immobile without some outside help. It turns your slave into a little leather-covered toy! Tee-hee... So evil!

  3. your posts are always so inspiring! i keep thinking up wonderful stories for being kept in your creations. :)

  4. Dear Sammy, I'm so glad to keep your wheels spinning... My gear is custom-made for dirty-minded bad girls in need of punishment such as yourself!

  5. Very great!!!
    which thickness of leather is it?
    It's like a thickness which will be used on motorbike-suits?

  6. Superb post as always Christopher. I very much enjoyed reading it. Would love to try the F-suit myself but would be very fearful of an attack of cramp in my hamstring - can you imagine the consequences!!!! lol

  7. Dear Ovi,

    It is a heavy chap-weight - exactly the type that would be used for heavy chaps or motorcycle jackets. I don't know the exact oz. weight, but I would guess 3.5 to 4 oz. I hope to find more of this stuff!

  8. Wonderful suit. Could you please illustrate or demonstrate how someone is placed into it?

  9. Dear Bish,
    That's a great idea for an upcoming post... Thanks!

  10. Hello Christopher, how can I reach you via email to discuss ordering a few pieces? Very impressed with your design and quality.

    Best regards


  11. Dear Daniel,
    I have a hold on new custom work, but you can still reach me at christopherfetish(at)

  12. Still designing pieces? Be amazing to have a custom piece made

    1. Hi K O,
      I no longer take orders for custom work, but if you want something like the F-suit Blackstore now makes something very similar:

      For hoods, I'd recommend Restricted Senses or Fragile Desires, both on Etsy. Restricted Senses also does armbinders made-to-measure. House of Sinvention does a really nice butterfly straitjacket. Fetters and North Bound Leather also do custom made-to-measure, including sleepsacks and whatever else you can dream up…