Monday, July 30, 2012

Bondage Bootie Prototype 2

After the successful test fit with the short bootie prototype pattern, I wanted to make a few small adjustments and extend the length to knee-high. Even though the booties I'm making for will be shorter, I wanted to have the longer pattern figured out for myself.
This new pattern is traced onto another scrap of leather...
This time the front top of the upper was sewn first.

Next, the rear seam is sewn and the front seam allowances glued and flattened.
I love the shape this created!
The test fit showed some room for improvement, although overall it looked fantastic! I wanted to bring the lacing panels a bit closer together in the front. I also need to make the tongue wider...
Although it's hard to see in the photo below, the calf needs to be flattened out just a tiny bit...
And two more tweaks: bring in the shape of the heel, and I want to increase the amount of curve at the arch so it more tightly follows the contour of the foot.
We're getting there...

Bondage Bootie Prototype 1

The bootie pattern started where they often do: with a plastic film and duct-tape wrap. I tried to divide the upper evenly in half down an imaginary centerline, and to create a pleasing shape for the sole. These are my three pieces:
Surprisingly, the upper came out almost perfectly symmetrical, which makes the pattern easier to work with and keeps the lines very clean. I extended the sole piece beyond the end of the foot, as I want it to come up and form the front part of the bootie as well.
I traced this first pattern onto a scrap of leather, and cut them out with about a 3/8 inch seam allowance.
I sewed and flattened the rear seam first.
Next, I sewed the first inch and a half of the upper near the toe and clipped the sole piece in place.
Even though the sole was asymmetrical, it aligned pretty well with the symmetrical upper pieces.
I inserted a D-ring at the toe before sewing the sole and uppers together.
Next comes the trimming and gluing of the seam allowance.
Actually, it's not done yet, but I like the shape already...
It already has the form and contour of the foot, which is a good sign.
Add a line of grommets, and we're ready for a test fit... Bootie Mitten Hood & Cuff set

I just wrapped up a great project for my friend Kevin at, namely a matched set of restraints, all made from a single hide. There was to be an open-face hood:
...a pair of mittens:
...wrist and ankle cuffs, dyed to match (in veg-tanned leather):
...a laced waist-cincher:
...and finally, a pair of booties:
I was most excited about the booties, as I've been wanting to make a pair for the longest time. I'll take you through the process...

Bondage Halter Top

Working on a pattern for an open-breast halter-top. Sorry, no boob-tastic shots of the front yet...
Love the way it looks from the back, though!

Asian Beauty in Black Patent Armbinder

It's something I've always wanted to do: make images of some classic bondage with a beautiful girl. Recently I just decided to stop dreaming about it and do it already... It has been just a great experience so far, and I hope to do more of these in the future. The aesthetic is inspired by the look of my past fetish pin-up illustrations. My model is wearing the female mouth-only hood in black lamb, and a zipped patent-leather armbinder.

Walsh Metalworks

The internet is a wonderful thing. I am constantly amazed at the talent of people making things out there, a subset of which make things for pervy people such as you and me. We are so lucky!

I was just contacted about a pattern by Sullivan Walsh of Walsh Metalworks, and he sent a link to his sites, including his tumblr account so I could see his work. First off I see some really nice fashion photography of his metal creations shot for Interview magazine...

Next, I come across my 2 favorite things in the whole world in one photo: bondage and a hot (limber) Asian girl tied up! Turns out Sullivan made the bed.
He also posted images of these drool-worthy cuffs, described as a "his and hers" set. Now isn't that romantic?
And the posture collar has just beautiful lines... Really beautiful craftsmanship.
He also does more conventional designs in beds, gates and mirrors, sometimes re-using industrial cast-offs and remnants of the machine age. It's very cool stuff!

For more details, check out his work, and maybe send him some money so he can make you something incredible.

Open Face Hood

I also completed an open face hood based on the pattern available here. The leather is so soft and stretchy, it enables you to get this skintight fit with absolutely no wrinkles... I have made variations on this pattern with a slightly larger opening, but I want to make some new ones with even smaller openings or different shapes. The way it both hides and creates a frame for the face is so cool. There is so much to explore in even a simple pattern like this.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Classic leather hood

A recently completed model of the classic, leather bondage hood made from the pattern available here.


Some of the most fun projects are the ones that come from other people's ideas. This is one of those: a cat hood, made by request. My favorite part was the specification: "The ears should be like cones." Love it!

The hood is made of top-quality Italian lamb leather. It's soft and stretchy, with a great sheen. It should fit like a glove...
The hardest part was cutting the foam into a cone shape. Not easy, but fortunately it was a small part. I could have used fiber fill or pillow stuffing, but I wanted the shape to bounce back if it got squished.
The second hardest part was sewing the ears in place. I did it before joining the front and rear panels together. I positioned them and held them in place with thin double-sided sewing tape, then topstitched carefully around the base.
My wife mentioned I should try a bull next...
...or maybe a ram? That would be a real challenge!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Heavy Leather Sleepsack Pix II

Here are few more images from my recent photo shoot... This is the same sleepsack I blogged about making here a while ago.
My model was really great to work with. She was able to squeeze herself into this very heavy and extremely tight sack without complaint. You can see in the photo above her hand pressing against the end of the internal arm pocket. I also had her arch her back, which helped smooth out the front under the chest.
You can also see in these images how one foot is on top of the other - similar to what you would get with a tight mummification.
See the wrinkles in between the chest and the hips in the below shot? It's a problem with the fit, because I didn't account for the model's bust. I didn't make enough room. I want to do this one again, because for me it's all about the fit. I know I can get it better next time, make it fit her body closer, and do her body justice. Wrinkles are just unacceptable! Don't you agree?