Monday, July 14, 2014

Asian beauty locked in Total-Enclosure Sleepsack

A total-enclosure fetishist dream come true...
These amazing photos come courtesy of my friend “Mr. X” over at Restricted Senses tumblr. I spoke with him a couple of weeks ago about a heavy leather sleepsack prototype I had that might possibly fit his lovely Asian slave girl. Turns out it was just the right size to fit her, so I sent the diabolical device over for them to put to the test. More specifically I should say: to put her to the test. 

This side view shows the seamless tight fit from head to toe. Love the way you can see her hand at the end of the inner sleeve-pocket. 

Just 2 tiny nose holes: her only connection to the outside world. 

As if the sack were't intense enough, some added straps and a locking collar were added as well. Bravo, Mr. X! 

You see, this is no normal sack. It’s extremely intense. It’s made with an attached nose-only hood, and rear full-length zipper and lacing panel. It’s made of a very heavy weight waxy, deep black buffalo leather - selected to make the most restrictive possible experience for the slave (un)lucky enough to be zipped, laced and locked inside it. This sack was designed from the start to push the limits of restriction, of what a sleepsack could be in terms of severity and level of enclosure. On a scale of one to ten, this is a ten. It’s made to be laced extremely tight, and to completely remove the slave’s ability to move or wiggle in even the smallest way. You can ask him or her if it works as designed...

Fit fetish - laces tight from head to toe. Just lovely...

These shots aren't easy to take, as her face is in the bed, which could make it difficult to breathe. I am just blown away by the whole set of images! 

As you can see from the photos he sent over, it is close to perfect fit-wise. For a fit-fetishist such as myself, this is about the pinnacle for this type of restraint. The hood is seamless and smooth. Her shoulders, waist, hips and legs, all fit without a single wrinkle. The lacing panel, even though very tight, actually has room to go further...

The way that collar pulls the hood even tighter to her face, accentuating her jawline... Can it get any better? I don't think so. 

For those who don’t know: This is not an easy sack to get into, or to be kept in. First off, there are only 2 small nose holes to connect you with the outside world. This is a dark, extreme and intense voyage for those who dare. Not for those prone to panic. For advanced players and hood-lovers only! 

Total leather enclosure.
Mr. X promises to keep me posted on his upcoming experiments that he has planned for the sack and his slave. It lends itself to endurance training and punishment sessions. I could see some tease-and-denial or forced orgasm experiments that could be very interesting... 

Heavyweight leather nirvana. 
He’s getting ready to launch a pay-site and offer individual videos of sessions as well. I am really looking forward to him realizing the scenarios he has in mind, and can only hope the poor girl can handle it! 

The question I had: "So, how long did you keep her locked in?"
"Almost four hours" was the reply! It was only her first time!!
Future plans: Keep her in overnight?

Keep an eye on the Restricted Senses tumblr for more updates. And many, many thanks to Mr. X and his slave girl for allowing me to re-post the images here...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Y-Chair

Hello pervy people! This post is a reply to one of my FetLife friends who asked about the Y-chair project I made a long, long time ago (I'm thinking sometime around 2002). This Y-chair was my first attempt at making a piece of bondage furniture, and the idea was initially to have something to anchor a girl wearing the F-suit to (which curiously enough never happened). I wanted something that could hold the legs apart, and allow the waist and torso to be completely strapped down. Immobilization with access. 

It ended up being a prop in a photo shoot we did with the amazing Darby, back when I was working with Gnjal of RavensWalk fame (an amazing photographer and all-around creative genius). He took these two pictures of Darby looking fabulous all strapped down. 

The whole thing is on wheels, so once she's buckled in you can move her wherever you like. The legs of the upholstered pad weren't connected with screws, so you could get straps right up close to her crotch. It worked beautifully. 
 These mid-construction photos show some different angles. I didn't have a table saw at the time, so the angled cuts were a bit challenging, but overall I was pretty happy with how it turned out. It's a very sexy piece, and looked great with an armbinder/hood combo and lots of straps. I always loved the shape of the small waist and curvy hips. If I had to do it again today, I'd make some kind of accommodation for supporting or restraining the head. 

Unfortunately, due to a lack of storage space, I had to get rid of it a few years ago - so I gave it away to one of my friends in the bondage industry. But I still see it being used in various productions made by different people from time to time. It's well-built of quality materials, so it should last a long time! Have a happy life, Y-chair...

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sleepsack Bondage: Material Types and Trade-Offs

Duct-tape wraps: Inexpensive, extreme, and custom-fitted.
Duct Tape Mummification
This highly effective bondage technique can create the total body bondage, free-floating total enclosure sensation with a modest outlay of cash. You really only need plastic wrap and duct tape, a pair of scissors, a towel for between the knees, (optional earplugs), and you are ready to go. 

The major trade-off with this technique compared to others is the time and effort involved. It can take an hour or more to do a complete body wrap with two layers of tape. It is a lot of physical work to peel all that tape off of the duct-tape roll, and carefully apply it to your wrapee. 

The sensation of tightness can be quite extreme as layer after layer of tape can be built up until movement is nearly impossible. Two layers are great, but three or more starts to get really restrictive. Laying tape strips parallel to the body across the primary wrap can increase the stiffness and prevent bending. 

One of the best features of duct-tape wraps is that you can cut access holes whenever and wherever you like. Vibrators can be inserted or taped into place. Penis or boobs can be pulled through openings, toyed with and then stuffed back in and taped up. It’s flexible in a way that the other methods aren’t, due to its make-it-yourself nature. 

Downside: It can be hot and sweaty to have the plastic wrap next to the skin, and the temperature of the room should be a little on the cool side to prevent overheating. Dehydration over a long session can become a concern. Scissors should always be on hand in order to cut the wrapee loose in the event of sudden panic or other emergency. 

The ultimate trip for the latex enclosure fetishist.

Latex Sleepsack
Latex sleepsacks can be picked up in standard sizes for around $500 (here at Mr. S), and can offer a moderately restrictive bondage experience. Visually these sacks look great, and for the latex fetishist there is nothing better than the idea of being fully enclosed in multiple layers of your favorite material. All of the sensory benefits of latex fetishism are here: the shiny wet-look, the cool tactile sensation, the smell and sound of squeaky rubber. Paired with a hood, you can get the complete enclosure experience, and it’s fun to wear sheath-pants underneath so even if your cock is “exposed” through the front access zipper, you’re really still completley enclosed in latex.

Some people like to use lube between the layers to create a squishy latex wonderland. I found the latex sleepsack (although nice in its own way) wasn’t restrictive enough for my taste, which led me to explore leather alternatives. But the ability to play with lube without worry, and for those who enjoy sweating it out, lube or total latex enclosure, it’s a pretty awesome experience. 

Inflatable latex provides a truly unique sensation - at a price.

Latex Inflatable Sleepsack
Years ago my first big (really big) fetish purchase was an inflatable Ultima sack from DeMask. It had integrated straps on the side that allowed suspension (either head-up or head-down), and cross-body straps in contrasting red latex. This thing was an amazing piece of work, with a thick latex outer layer, and a thinner inner sack. Once inflated, the inner sack pressed against you from all sides. Paired with an inflatable hood, the sensation was almost like being underwater. Gentle restraint pushed back if you tried to struggle, although movement was possible. Being suspended was my favorite, because the overall pressure on your body gave a sensation of weightlessness. But as with the latex sack, I wanted more restriction than the inflatable could offer. Also, sadly the inner latex sack dis-integrated in storage after a couple of years. It was a heartbraking lesson in latex perishability to say the least. 

Neoprene sleepsacks can provide a great experience at a lower cost than leather. 

Neoprene Sleepsack
Neoprene is a relatively new arrival on the scene, and I still remember well the first time I saw a total-enclosure neoprene sack at 665 Leather in LA ($485 for a sack with hood and front access zip here). I was drooling right away, and couldn’t wait to get zipped into one. Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t more restrictive, although, as with the latex, it’s a pretty cool and different bondage sensation in and of itself. Like the latex, you don’t have to worry about getting the sack wet, and adding a few belts can increase the feeling of restriction. The neoprene has its own kind of padding built-in, so the straps don’t bite as much into the skin. I do want to get another one someday, but more undersized next time so it has to stretch when I get into it. (Can you tell I like it tight?)

It can be quite cosy and comfortable inside, although just like the duct-tape wrap, it helps to have the room temperature a little on the cool side so you don’t overheat. 

The ultimate restraint experience IMHO: a custom sleepsack in leather.

Leather Sleepsacks
A leather sleepsack is a wonderful thing: it’s easy and quick to get in and out of. One pull of a zipper, and you’re totally enclosed. Not surprising, it's my favorite material for sleepsack bondage. 

Because the leather breathes, it doesn’t get all sweaty and clammy inside, as can sometimes happen with a plastic-wrap and duct-tape mummification. 

When a sleepsack is custom-made to fit there are no pressure points and you get a great overall sensation of restraint from head to toe. It makes it easy to float off into sub-space. 

The lacing can be adjusted for tightness, so you can vary the intensity of the restraint. It can feel like a comforting hug or a strict leather prison depending on how much the laces are pulled. 

The lacing adjustment can also come in handy when you want to layer, maybe with a rubber catsuit underneath, or tighten things up over the course of a session. 

The feeling and psychological impact of the sack itself is quite powerful. 

All these are legitimate techniques for playing with the mind-body space, and each can provide a doorway into another world. Sensory deprivation can unhook your mind from the everyday experience, and take you places erotically you never knew existed before. Hopefully my personal experience can help some of you who may be curious about this type of restraint. Have fun and play safe!