Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Permaid arrives in LA!

For all you total-enclosure fans: Great news! A gorgeous creature by the name of Permaid has washed up on the beaches of LA. 

She has quickly adapted to life on the dry side of the ocean, securing proper summer reading material and a colorful beach towel. Even goggles: perhaps to keep in the moisture?  

Of course, being a citizen of dry land, she needs to do her time filling out forms at the DMV like the rest of us. I wonder if she can manage a stick shift?

All this flopping around must be tiring. Fortunately, she found a scenic place to rest...

I think I saw this in a comic book by LEE (The Bonders?) a while ago...

Permaid makes new friends while checking out the patio furniture at CVS. 

She even has merchandise available, and more to come I hope!
To find out more about Permaid, check out her website here, or follow her on instagram

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Soft Pink Bondage set for EM

I'm happy to present a few beautiful images by "-EM-" a friend from fetlife who I consider one of the most talented bondage photographers working today. He doesn't claim to even be a real photographer, but I challenge you to find someone making such compelling, stunning and downright sexy images (check out his gallery if you don't believe me). He's proof that with passion and a good eye, formal training is not required to make drop-dead gorgeous bondage photos. Talented bastard! Oh, and it doesn't hurt that an assortment of beauties submit to his creative impulses, and allow the results to be shared with us. I did a custom hood and armbinder in pink for him to put to use, and this is the result:

Custom-fit ultra-tight laced armbinder in pink by yours truly, with matching nose-only hood. 

Just for reference: Armbinders: this is the way it's supposed to fit.

We have a few projects still on the drawing board. I'm looking forward to seeing them come to fruition...

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Restricted Senses: Total Enclosure Sleepsack Struggle

Mina struggles beautifully in her heavy, dark leather prison. 

If you are a fan of sleepsacks like me, you probably have been waiting for (dreaming of?) a certain type of movie. It will start with a beautiful Asian girl smiling at you as she runs her hand over the heavy leather restraint she is about to be tormented in. 

Slowly, she'll slip in and wiggle seductively into her dark leather prison. Gorgeous body and beautiful face slowly enveloped by the dark shiny form. Next, the zipper is pulled down, encasing her head in a tight leather embrace. Then, pulled more, until finally the poor girl is fully enclosed, arms held at her sides by the internal sleeves. 

Laces pulled tight reveal every curve of her form. 
There is no going back for her now, no escape until you decide to let her go. She will wiggle around, struggling against her bonds, enjoying the embrace of her leather cocoon. Softly moaning and breathing heavy as she takes turns rolling over and resting - leather hood pressing tightly against her lips. 

After stewing a while, her laces are pulled tighter, molding the leather ever tighter against every part of her body: legs, fingers, ass, arms and shoulders. It's harder to move now, her breathing more labored. It's more difficult to roll over, but she is having fun trying. The struggle is beautiful to watch. 
Added straps and a locked collar complicate her predicament, yet she still manages to roll herself over.

And if you're a fan of the forced "O"... Well let's just say the ending is a happy one. 

Well, leave it to my friends at Restricted Senses to make this dream scenario come true using a sleepsack I made. It's such a great video: nicely lit and high-definition. At a completely reasonable price. Do yourself a favor: download the video here and enjoy this sublime piece of extreme bondage art. For me, this is a dream come true. 

Muffled laughter from our tightly-bound slave. Could it be she is actually enjoying herself in there?