Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Black Cherries teaser

My friend Karen Hsiao just sent over some great teaser images from her upcoming "Black Cherries" series... "all new works about sex, lust, and rebellion." Sounds like fun to me! We have been collaborating on the design and production of the gear in the shoots...

The little Asian cutie-pie with the black ball gag makes me want one to take her home to play with... The braided pigtails coming out of the hood are a great touch! She's been a bad girl... A bit of a Trevor Brown feel, and just gorgeous! She is wearing the smaller open-faced hood which uses this pattern, and the mittens made from this one.

In this one, the butterfly jacket just frames her breasts so beautifully, and the fit is just right. This is the small pocket butterfly straitjacket pattern I posted here. How come, even in the jacket, she looks like she's the one in control?

This girl just looks like a living doll. Her face is just so pretty, and her far-off gaze is haunting... The pattern for the wider open-face hood she's wearing is here

And this one, you have female sexual power in bad-ass form. She doesn't need a whip to let you know who's in control. Raw, sensual, and just crackling with energy... It's actually the same hood as the shot above. Amazing how the model, pose and mood can change so much with essentially the same gear. Great stuff...

Karen hopes to make high-quality art prints of the series, along with a book - so I'll keep you posted as I find out more about that. She also asked me to write something for possible inclusion, and it's made me think a lot about the gear I make and what leather craft, bondage and fetishism mean to me. It's like trying to define a sub-atomic particle, the harder you look the more difficult it is to see...

For more of her amazing work, check out Karen's official site here

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Straitjacketed.com Action Shots!

Hot off the press! Or should it be "Straight from the CF card"? I just got some great images from Kevin at Straitjacketed.com of the gear set I made for him a few weeks ago - which he so generously allowed me to post. Thank you, Kevin! It looks incredible, and I'm just so happy with how everything turned out. 

To me a project just isn't complete until it's actually used, and this is the culmination of all that effort: design sketches, drawings, making patterns, cutting, sewing, gluing, punching, grommeting, lacing, and finally wearing, shooting and sharing. These great photos are the end result. It makes all the work worthwhile, especially when it turns out so beautifully. This girl is gorgeous!

I love Kevin's photography work so much. To me, it just has the look that says "instant classic". He has the feel to me of Irving Klaw or John Willie. His girls are just beautiful - sexy girl-next-door types, and the poses are pin-up perfect. Just look at those pointed toes, the high arch on the booties. I love her eyes, and the way the hood frames her face... Plus, her hair even matches the color of the leather. Great job Kevin, and thanks for sharing. We're not worthy...

Check out Straitjacketed.com for more.

Female Bondage case

Here's a few sketchbook scans of a female version of the hard-shell bondage case I drew back in 2002. I figured it made a nice companion piece to the male hard case I just posted. I was envisioning some kind of shiny smooth and hard case material, like fiberglass on the outside. A deep, dark, almost automotive glossy finish. There would be a leather and foam lining inside the shell for a skintight fit and complete pressure over every square inch of the body...

I've posted the finished art for the side view of the case in the past, but this is the first time I've shared the sketches and other views.

I used to think it wouldn't be possible to do something like this in real life, but the more I think about it, the more it seems like there are answers to the technical challenges involved. I've been inspired by a series of videos posted by Serious Images.com where they interview PD of InSex and Infernal Restraints fame. In addition to PD and his darkly twisted imagination, they spend time talking with KGB, who is their master metalworker. KGB discusses the technical challenges involved with some of the elaborate gear he has made for PD over the years, and it is really incredible stuff - they even made wood head forms to sculpt the metal on. And although much of it was difficult, they were not going to let that stop them from trying (and achieving) their goal.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hard bondage case from the Sketchbook

A couple of sketches for a hard case design from back in 1999. It's an idea that has fascinated me for a while now - a hard case or shell that can be clamped shut for a rigid, stiff and inescapable type of bondage. At the time I did the sketch, I didn't know of anyone doing such a thing, but more recently I've seen some incredible work by PD at InSex, my friends at Serious Bondage and Cast your Enthusiasm

The fiberglass case featured on InSex a few years ago:

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Butterfly Straitjacket - a few more shots...

Love the way this jacket looks from behind...
...and the front.
Ready to play?
Thanks to my beautiful Asian model for making these shots possible... A dream come true.

Butterfly Straitjacket Photos 0912

I'm finally getting around to sharing some more images from the shoot I did a couple of weeks ago, this time of the butterfly straitjacket and hood combo. This jacket was made from the pattern I have posted here, and is the version with the smallest arm pocket. I wasn't even sure my model would fit into the jacket, as she is a little bit taller than the girl my pattern is made to fit.
Fortunately, we managed to squeeze her in, and I think she looks rather nice... don't you? My model has larger boobs than my fit model as well, so next time I could make the openings a little bigger for her as well. Of course, it was still very sexy to have her pretty girl parts straining to get through, and we wouldn't want to make things too easy on her, now would we?
This combo is just so sensual and vulnerable-making for the girl who has it on. For me to have the erogenous zones put forward and presented in such a way is just so highly-charged. All the focus is on the lips and breasts, just waiting to be kissed, caressed and fondled... For the wearer, she gets to experience the simultaneous enclosure and exposure, subject to the whims of her master... poor thing!
More to come...

Another satisfied customer...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"Bitchsuit" Gallery

I came across a gallery just full to overflowing with "bitchsuit" images here. In addition to some images of my work there must be over a hundred different renderings of the same general theme: a type of bondage or restraint where the arms and legs are bent and held in place by pockets, sleeves, straps or wraps. I love this idea, and find myself constantly thinking about variations on the theme.

Many images in the post are things I've seen before, but some like the illustration below are new to me. I really love the little details like the heels tied together... Does anyone know the artist?
Some great Japanese anime-type illustrations...

some photoshop jobs...
Even some furry animal-role-play stills from some movie...?

A couple of images of the gimpsuit by hot-for-hogtie are in there as well...

Definitely worth a look if you are into this type of restraint... Check it out.