Thursday, January 22, 2015

Incredible Japanese bondage by THL

Huge thanks goes out to my friend sammy for turning me on to THL, a photographer doing some jaw-droppingly, mind-bending, flat-out beautiful work... If you are a fan of Asian cuties tied very well (and lit well, and photographed beautifully) and in fetish-y garb, STOP NOW and go check out his site (or his tumblr) this instant. Come back and thank me later. 

Here are just a few of the many (oh so many!) images that will have you drooling (you're welcome!): 

Every one of his images is so good it makes me want to cry. The girls he shoots are so pretty! How does he get such wholesome-looking Japanese (I'm assuming) girl-next-door types to endure such kinky torments? "Would you like to play dress-up in head-to-toe rubber and ballet boots with a gas-mask my dear?" Of course they say, only too happy to oblige in THL's amazing life. 

 I take photos myself, so I appreciate all the work that goes into getting an image like this: 
 The rigging, the lighting, the location-shooting. My question is "How does he get so many beautiful shots, each so unique and different?" He'll do an entire setup, in a particular location, with a beautiful model, and then he is posting just a single, solitary shot. Damn!
 Obviously, this guy THL has an amazing eye, and a beautiful, willing lovely girl(s) to model for him. But man, what a way with the lighting and setups... One beautiful image after another. 
 Even the straightforward shots of his fetish gear are pure artistry...
Once again, visit THL's website, send him commissions and money, follow his tumblr. Give the man what he wants people, just let's hope he keeps doing what he's doing!! 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hysterical Literature by Clayton Cubitt

Another movie I had to share (otherwise I couldn't call myself a friend) found courtesy of Huffington Post: a series of videos of women reading stories while being *ahem* (silently) stimulated until they reach a (literary?) climax. I think it's an art project. Is it just me, or is this far sexier than any porn movie ever made? Doesn't hurt that Theresa is completely stunning and gorgeous. Of course, I like weird stuff, so maybe it's just that... Enjoy! 

The Journey by Monica Menez

Came across a short film by fashion photographer Monica Menez that prominently features the female lead wearing those (oh-so-lovely) tall Gucci python boots from the current fall season. I just had to share this for all my fellow boot-lovers out there... 

A still from the movie. Yes, every boot fetishist hopes to see this whenever a car door opens...

The actress does a pretty amazing job of making the skyscraper heels seem almost manageable. Bravo to her! 
Straight off the runway...
Thanks to my friends over at Trendland, for the link to this visual treat.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Red Boot Binder Sleepsack: The Final Cut

This is the final boot-binder sleepsack, made in the same leather as the first (a stunning, red, lamb-tan cowhide), but with some minor differences and refinements.
This sack features an open mouth and nipple access, with the neck pattern slightly shortened in front. 
I went with red thread topstitching throughout (instead of black) for a cleaner look.
The 3 sliders on the rear zipper make it possible to open the zipper anywhere along its length.
And a few other tweaks to the pattern for the ultimate tight fit...

Overall I'm pretty happy with how this project turned out. It's been a long journey from initial sketch to the final product, but I'm glad to have this restraint brought from the realm of fantasy into reality. Thanks to everyone who has sent messages of encouragement and support along the way, both here and on fetlife. I do appreciate it!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Leatherworking Tool List

For those of you who have asked about the tools I use most often, I put together the following list. It covers about 95% of what I need to do most leather sewing projects...

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Boot Binder Sleepsack photo shoot setup

Finally had a chance to set up a photo shoot for the boot binder sleepacks. I ended up with two final versions: one with nose holes only, and a second with an open mouth and nipple-access. 
 It's been kind of hard to complete the photo session, with all the holidays and family visits. 
 See below for the whole list:
 These are the boots that inspired the whole thing. Completely unreal looking and drool-inducing for me personally. That color is just so pretty...
 I hope to post images over the next week or so, as I have a chance to go through them. 
Hope your 2015 off to a great start!