Thursday, July 25, 2013

Straitjacket Suit Drawing from 1985

I just came across some old drawings I did, sometime around 1985 - at age 15. Hard to believe that was 28 years ago! It's kind of interesting to see old (ancient?) artwork from a time before I was making things in leather in the real world. At this stage, the drawings are pure fantasy. 

I'm thinking I must have seen the Tanta Flash Warrior suit by this time, as so many of the design details in the first drawing seem to be picked up from it (the lacing panels, red color and integrated hood and high-heels). I do like the low ponytail hole in the hood, and it looks like the straitjacket sleeve ends are zipped and removable. 

I kind of have straitjacket on the brain lately, as I'm getting ready to make a his and hers pair of zip-entry jackets. Should be a fun project...

In case there was any doubt, my current obsession with boots and gloves (and pretty girls wearing them) is nothing new, as shown in this pin-up sketch:

Another booted and gloved beauty, this time a mythical creature dwelling in the dragon's lair... This is the kind of drawing that covered my school notebooks of the time. Stonehenge meets heavy metal in a Dungeons & Dragons wrapper. Hope you enjoyed this brief trip down memory lane!

The Girls of Black Cherries - Book and print series - Coming Soon...

I met with Karen a few night ago to preview a new proof of the book, and it looks just amazing. I am really excited to have my hands on a copy. I'll post more info here when it becomes available, and on Karen's site as well:

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pleasure Bound by Eric Stanton

I recently received some images from PJW who recognized some similarities between the image I posted of a girl in an armbinder and a sleepsack a few weeks ago, and some vintage artwork by fetish master Eric Stanton. I love the illustration showing a fitted body sheath with a special shaped space for the armbinder and a fitted pocket for the high heels. I am going to have to try making one of those...

I remember seeing these for the first time in the big hardcover book on Stanton published by Taschen in 1997. The original "Pleasure Bound" series was first published sometime in the mid 50s. 

Eric Stanton got his start after writing to Irving Klaw, saying he could do better than the fetish fantasy drawings he was currently selling. Klaw took him up on his offer, and paid Stanton $8 for the first story he created: "Battling Women". 

Stanton later met and worked alongside Steve Ditko (who would go on to co-create spider man with Stan Lee at Marvel Comics), and Gene Bilbrew, another famous fetish artist who worked under the pseudonym Eneg.  

Stanton even got to work with Bettie Page, helping out with photo shoots, although Irving Klaw didn't want his models fraternizing with his artists. In the end it was a difficult way to make a living. There just wasn't much money to be made creating fetish artwork, and divorce, and a day-job injury made matters worse.  

More scans of Eric Stanton's work can be found here, and a fascinating bio can be found here. Thanks PJW!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Elizabeth Andrews in her Zipped Armbinder

Elizabeth Andrews was kind enough to send along some images of her trying out the new zipped armbinder I made for her. We are both pretty happy with the fit, and it's been really fun working together with her and her David on these projects. 

You can check out her Office Perils site here, or try this link for something more tight & shiny. Hopefully my armbinder will start appearing in their videos soon!