Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pleasure Bound by Eric Stanton

I recently received some images from PJW who recognized some similarities between the image I posted of a girl in an armbinder and a sleepsack a few weeks ago, and some vintage artwork by fetish master Eric Stanton. I love the illustration showing a fitted body sheath with a special shaped space for the armbinder and a fitted pocket for the high heels. I am going to have to try making one of those...

I remember seeing these for the first time in the big hardcover book on Stanton published by Taschen in 1997. The original "Pleasure Bound" series was first published sometime in the mid 50s. 

Eric Stanton got his start after writing to Irving Klaw, saying he could do better than the fetish fantasy drawings he was currently selling. Klaw took him up on his offer, and paid Stanton $8 for the first story he created: "Battling Women". 

Stanton later met and worked alongside Steve Ditko (who would go on to co-create spider man with Stan Lee at Marvel Comics), and Gene Bilbrew, another famous fetish artist who worked under the pseudonym Eneg.  

Stanton even got to work with Bettie Page, helping out with photo shoots, although Irving Klaw didn't want his models fraternizing with his artists. In the end it was a difficult way to make a living. There just wasn't much money to be made creating fetish artwork, and divorce, and a day-job injury made matters worse.  

More scans of Eric Stanton's work can be found here, and a fascinating bio can be found here. Thanks PJW!


  1. Replies
    1. Oh my, indeed... Love the tiny little ones used on her fingers as well. Such attention to detail!

    2. That's it, I'm reactivating my FL account to see more of these pictures on PJW_BDMAX's gallery

  2. What is nice in the drawings is the perception of a single heel that she stands on.

    1. I noticed that too... Like a mono-heeled boot, encased inside a pocket inside the sack. Fetish on top of fetish.

  3. To take it one step further what would be better yet is if your model could wear ballet boots. Or ballet boots without a heel when in it.

  4. I like the way you think... Ballet boot foot pocket, definitely.