Friday, April 9, 2010

Revised F-suit hood design

I am currently working with a client on a design for a custom f-suit with attached hood, and we have exchanged sketches detailing the specifics of the hood. It will be an open-faced hood, but with detatchable blindfold and mouth cover. I showed the initial sketch in a previous post, and the client (who I must say is full of really good and creative ideas) sent back a revised sketch which offered a much better solution to the design problem. Instead of traveling straight back from the mouth cover to the back of the hood, the top strap is angled up to provide a bit of upward tension. The blindfold strap now angles in a more downward direction to connect with a buckle placed between the two mouth cover straps.

It's very cool looking, and I think it is going to look great on the finished piece. This is definitely a situation where working with someone else can take the design into an enexpected direction - resulting in a better, more artistic solution.


  1. I agree this hood looks great. I did run across one that was very close looking that I think was a PD creation from insex. It has an additional strap from the forehead down, and the bottom part covers the nose as well.

  2. A general comment if we may... rather than clutter up your comments area is there a email address we can use to get some comments and questions to you?

    OH!! Almost forgot to say Great Site!!! We are very impressed.

    Wendy and Jim

  3. Dear Wendy and Jim,
    Thanks for the compliment, and feel free to contact me: I appreciate the interest.

  4. Hey Cris , Could you upload the Pattern please ? :)

    1. Sorry, this design isn't something I plan to upload.