Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fetish Inspiration - eGarbs

About 15 years ago I came across a company that manufactured truly creative and beautiful bondage suits - eGarbs. I think the first time I saw their work it was shown in a full-page ad in Skin Two Magazine. Based in the UK, I got the sense that they were a creative collective that often showed their works at the Torture Garden fetish parties. I was always blown away be the detail and craftsmanship in their work, and of course the designs were unlike anything I had ever seen before.

I don't have much specific information about the company or their process, but I know some pieces they created were in collaboration with an architect.

The "Betty" suit, shown in red above was a piece that made a particularly deep impression. The padding details, the way the fists are held in a balled-up position and the laced closure, the way the garment holds the wearer in a specific posture, and transforms them into a beautiful, helpless, otherworldly and exotic creature. It's still probably the most unique and artful piece of bondage gear I've ever seen.

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