Monday, March 29, 2010

Fetish Inspiration - Antony Gormley

The artist Antony Gormley is probably one of the best known artists in Great Britain. He's the author of highly visible pieces, and just completed the "one and other" performance piece in Trafalgar Square where different people took turns standing on a plinth - one hour each for 100 days. That piece was amusing at best to me, but the work he does that I like the most is his sculpture. He uses his own figure for the basis of his work, and is often mummified and wrapped in plaster in order to create a foundation for the sculptures. I found an interview once where he even admitted the inherent kinkiness in the process, which I thought was really refreshing. Maybe the Brits are a bit more open minded about such things.

He often leaves the joints where the metal pieces in his work come together exposed, which make me think of pattern pieces for leather craft. I would really love to do a sleepsack that mimics the look of one of his pieces.

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