Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Butterfly Straitjacket

My butterfly straitjacket is based on the pocket restraint idea, and it has a sleek look with the zipper in the rear. Instead of a bunch of straps it relies on a custom-fit to be an effective, secure restraint. ran a photo shoot we did with the butterfly jacket a couple of years ago.

After that a Canadian company that produces high-quality leather restraints, the Church of Sinvention ( actually contacted me to see if it was OK to make and market their own version of the jacket, which I thought was great. I was honored that they would ask. Check out their site for an amazing range of top notch gear.

It was inspired by the though of having a way to limit your lover's ability to resist when putting up a struggle. The ability to pin your sweetheart's arms down is greatly enhanced by containing them in restrictive leather sleeves.

I like the idea of bondage devices that change the way you can move, or that force you to alter your posture or limit your ability to do certain things. Corsets, high heels, skirts - a lot of women's apparrel forces the wearer to move a certain way, or limit the range of movement. I have plans to develop a whole range of what I call "posture-suits", another name for bondage garments that force a particular pose, posture or orientation.


  1. Did you make the hood in the picture as well? I love the look of it, and have been looking for one of that style in leather.

  2. I did make the hood, it's a 2-panel hood in a soft lamb leather with rear laces. Contact me at christopherfetish(at) if you are interested in having one made.