Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The F-suit

These are picture of the f-suit, which I probably consider the coolest thing I have made to date.

Images of a prototype in red vinyl were shown on the website a couple of years ago, and Mark (the editor) often credits the design inspiration as the Hogsack from the people at Just to set the record straight, the first inspiration was actully from an image in a Marquis rubber special layout a few years before that. It was the first time I had ever seen a suit with pockets for bent arms and legs, and it really blew my mind. Up intil then I had only ever seen straitjackets with long arms with buckles on the ends. The concept of pockets was really different.

This f-suit includes an attached laced-up hood with internal gag, a 3-pull zip through the crotch. It was custom-made for a client overseas.


  1. that item is just beautyful! design, detail, restraintment. a perfect creation and i'm allready jealous of the person in it :). now only find the place to buy such great work. keep it up creating such great designs.

  2. Fantastic. Inventive, a lot of fantasy and stylish. Good craftsmanship. Love it! :)

  3. Mahtava pidän kovasti.Lisää!!

  4. A real work of art and so erotic. XX

  5. I love the f suit,and wish to be put into one someday.No other contraption can reduce the wearer to such a helpless creature,making them feel like some kind of pathetic bug as they crawl around on all fours! The ultimate suit for a sub.