Sunday, March 21, 2010

A pretty girl in a pretty sleepsack

A while back I sent a box of gear to my friend Mark at It was full of a bunch of bondage gear I was getting ready to get rid of: early attempts, prototypes, failed experiments - things that needed to go, but I didn't want to just throw out... I figured of all the people I know Mark could find some use for the contents of that box.

Since then, the cool thing for me has been seeing all the different places where the gear shows up. Let's just say Mark knows pretty much everyone there is to know in the world of online bondage, so in addition to his site, I have seen the contents of this little box of goodies show up all over the place: House of Gord, Puppett, and more recently

I came across their images of 2 lovely girls playing with one of my front-lace sleepsacks. They were really nice pictures, the girls were just beautiful, and the sleepsack fit the model like a glove. A really tight glove. Wow! When you start out as a fetishist, this is the type of thing you see in your imagination. A lovely girl in a tight black leather cocoon, perfectly packaged and just waiting for you to... well, you know! It's just super cool to see a fully-realized image of loving but complete pervy fetish bondage. Woo-hoo!

My friend asked me how I knew the sleepsack was one I had made, and I told him: when you make something, you know it when you see it. Every line of the pattern and every stitch. It's like your children. You'd recognize them anywhere! Plus, the red laces help out as well (lol)!

Anyway, I contacted the nice person over at and introduced myself, and he is a genuinely nice, cool and creative guy. We have already collaboated on the red and black ladies straitjacket (see previous post), and hopefully there are more joint projects in our future.

Enjoy the images, shown here courtesy of, and check out the site when you have a chance.

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