Friday, April 23, 2010

Making a Hood Step-by-Step Part 2

For the next step on our hood project we'll use bulldog clips to hold the pieces together while sewing. You can't use needles as you would if you were sewing cloth, as it would leave holes behind. Plus, it would be tough to punch through the leather with the needle. You can also use clothespins or paper clips to hold parts together... or sometimes masking tape.

This image shows the front and rear right panels and front and rear left panels clipped and ready for sewing:

Sew along the line, removing clips as you go.

The finished seam:

Now it's time to break out the glue. In most leather projects, you'll be gluing down your seam allowances after sewing to flatten them out. I use contact cement that is available at your local home improvement center.

I also use these little disposable brushes from the woodworking supply store. They are really handy, as the contact cement is impossible to wash out of the brush. Once it sets up, you can kiss your brush good-bye. These come in packs of 50 to 100, do a good job of spreading the glue and getting it where you want it, and are relatively inexpensive.

The glue goes on a milky white color, and you should apply to both sides of whatever you want to join. You wait a few minutes until it clears, then press the 2 sides together.

See how it changes and becomes more transluscent? Now you're ready to go.

I press the seam down with my hands first, then hammer with a rawhide mallet to flatten the seam.

Use scissors to trim the seam allowance where it will meet another seam.

Voila! That's the flattened seam for the first side...

...and here's what the other side looks like:

Now I place the inner ear pads in position using the guidelines from the pattern. I traced the outline of the pieces to create a guide for the glue.

I glue around the outline and on the inside of the ear covers.

Place the foam inserts, place the covers and press into place.

Next I sew along the lines on the sewing machine to secure the ear pads to the hood.

Here's the view from the outside:

Repeat for the other side, and that step is complete!

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