Friday, April 23, 2010

Making a Hood FINAL


  1. Christopher,

    Looks good! Looking very forward to seeing more of this and other work you do!!

  2. Thanks, I hope to post many more projects in the coming months...

  3. Hi Christopher,

    Wanted to say thank you for a wonderfully detailed and candid look at making the hood.

    I can only imagine the pain you felt when realizing you had some extra holes that weren't supposed to be there.

    Looking forward to future projects!

  4. I must say, after all that if I put those holes in on accident, I would have been tempted to put matching holes in the other side, grommet them all and call it "ART!". What do you mean, why are they there -- you just don't understand it!

    1. I like that! Julia Child used to say, it doesn't matter what it was supposed to look like, just pretend you meant it that way. As long as it tastes good, right?