Thursday, July 25, 2013

Straitjacket Suit Drawing from 1985

I just came across some old drawings I did, sometime around 1985 - at age 15. Hard to believe that was 28 years ago! It's kind of interesting to see old (ancient?) artwork from a time before I was making things in leather in the real world. At this stage, the drawings are pure fantasy. 

I'm thinking I must have seen the Tanta Flash Warrior suit by this time, as so many of the design details in the first drawing seem to be picked up from it (the lacing panels, red color and integrated hood and high-heels). I do like the low ponytail hole in the hood, and it looks like the straitjacket sleeve ends are zipped and removable. 

I kind of have straitjacket on the brain lately, as I'm getting ready to make a his and hers pair of zip-entry jackets. Should be a fun project...

In case there was any doubt, my current obsession with boots and gloves (and pretty girls wearing them) is nothing new, as shown in this pin-up sketch:

Another booted and gloved beauty, this time a mythical creature dwelling in the dragon's lair... This is the kind of drawing that covered my school notebooks of the time. Stonehenge meets heavy metal in a Dungeons & Dragons wrapper. Hope you enjoyed this brief trip down memory lane!


  1. Wow! Even as a 15-year-old you were pretty talented. Look at that detail! Your drawings could be on the cover of an AMSTRAD RPG game...

    When I was 15 (2001) I barely started drawing latex because the Lara Croft movie just came out. And it looked painfully ANIME. Man, I wish I had practiced more

    1. Thanks Meguca... I was actually thinking of you and all your creative artwork when I scanned these in. You draw so much, I'm completely jealous of how fast you can crank them out!

  2. Awesome drawings! I love your work! Everything from your concept artwork to the finished product is beautiful, thank you for sharing with the world.

  3. Thanks, VR! I'm glad to share it rather than just have it sit in a box forever... =0)

  4. I had a custom leather straitjacket suit made for me not very long ago. The bottom is based on the "chastity pants" model, with a zipper and lockable pouch at the crotch, and the top is a more or less classic straitjacket. A leather "Sci-Fi" style hood can be zipped to the high neck of the suit. Everything is fully leather lined, and every single strap can be padlocked. With boots on, this is 100% leather coverage, even with the blindfold off since the hood has pinhole eyes. No need to say that with every padlock on (there are 20 padlocks total for all straps), escape is totally impossible.
    If you're interested in the concept, I can send you a few photos.

  5. Wow, overallnound - it sounds awesome... I'd love to see photos! christopherfetish(at)