Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Black Cherries teaser

My friend Karen Hsiao just sent over some great teaser images from her upcoming "Black Cherries" series... "all new works about sex, lust, and rebellion." Sounds like fun to me! We have been collaborating on the design and production of the gear in the shoots...

The little Asian cutie-pie with the black ball gag makes me want one to take her home to play with... The braided pigtails coming out of the hood are a great touch! She's been a bad girl... A bit of a Trevor Brown feel, and just gorgeous! She is wearing the smaller open-faced hood which uses this pattern, and the mittens made from this one.

In this one, the butterfly jacket just frames her breasts so beautifully, and the fit is just right. This is the small pocket butterfly straitjacket pattern I posted here. How come, even in the jacket, she looks like she's the one in control?

This girl just looks like a living doll. Her face is just so pretty, and her far-off gaze is haunting... The pattern for the wider open-face hood she's wearing is here

And this one, you have female sexual power in bad-ass form. She doesn't need a whip to let you know who's in control. Raw, sensual, and just crackling with energy... It's actually the same hood as the shot above. Amazing how the model, pose and mood can change so much with essentially the same gear. Great stuff...

Karen hopes to make high-quality art prints of the series, along with a book - so I'll keep you posted as I find out more about that. She also asked me to write something for possible inclusion, and it's made me think a lot about the gear I make and what leather craft, bondage and fetishism mean to me. It's like trying to define a sub-atomic particle, the harder you look the more difficult it is to see...

For more of her amazing work, check out Karen's official site here


  1. Like you, I also prefer the first picture. That black ballgag looks just right with the shiny hood

    1. There are a few more of her in the set, but I can't show them just yet... So adorable!

  2. Interesting pictures!
    I love her style, like especially the first and the the second ones ^.^