Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Permaid arrives in LA!

For all you total-enclosure fans: Great news! A gorgeous creature by the name of Permaid has washed up on the beaches of LA. 

She has quickly adapted to life on the dry side of the ocean, securing proper summer reading material and a colorful beach towel. Even goggles: perhaps to keep in the moisture?  

Of course, being a citizen of dry land, she needs to do her time filling out forms at the DMV like the rest of us. I wonder if she can manage a stick shift?

All this flopping around must be tiring. Fortunately, she found a scenic place to rest...

I think I saw this in a comic book by LEE (The Bonders?) a while ago...

Permaid makes new friends while checking out the patio furniture at CVS. 

She even has merchandise available, and more to come I hope!
To find out more about Permaid, check out her website here, or follow her on instagram

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