Monday, July 30, 2012

Walsh Metalworks

The internet is a wonderful thing. I am constantly amazed at the talent of people making things out there, a subset of which make things for pervy people such as you and me. We are so lucky!

I was just contacted about a pattern by Sullivan Walsh of Walsh Metalworks, and he sent a link to his sites, including his tumblr account so I could see his work. First off I see some really nice fashion photography of his metal creations shot for Interview magazine...

Next, I come across my 2 favorite things in the whole world in one photo: bondage and a hot (limber) Asian girl tied up! Turns out Sullivan made the bed.
He also posted images of these drool-worthy cuffs, described as a "his and hers" set. Now isn't that romantic?
And the posture collar has just beautiful lines... Really beautiful craftsmanship.
He also does more conventional designs in beds, gates and mirrors, sometimes re-using industrial cast-offs and remnants of the machine age. It's very cool stuff!

For more details, check out his work, and maybe send him some money so he can make you something incredible.

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