Saturday, July 21, 2012

Heavy Leather Sleepsack Pix II

Here are few more images from my recent photo shoot... This is the same sleepsack I blogged about making here a while ago.
My model was really great to work with. She was able to squeeze herself into this very heavy and extremely tight sack without complaint. You can see in the photo above her hand pressing against the end of the internal arm pocket. I also had her arch her back, which helped smooth out the front under the chest.
You can also see in these images how one foot is on top of the other - similar to what you would get with a tight mummification.
See the wrinkles in between the chest and the hips in the below shot? It's a problem with the fit, because I didn't account for the model's bust. I didn't make enough room. I want to do this one again, because for me it's all about the fit. I know I can get it better next time, make it fit her body closer, and do her body justice. Wrinkles are just unacceptable! Don't you agree?


  1. Oh wow. It looks so good from here.

    Nah, wrinkles are okay. The material looks pretty thick for a comfy, tight fit.

    1. Thanks, Meguca... Sometimes I over-obsess about these things!

  2. Christopher,

    I agree with your aesthetics nits about the wrinkles. I don't for the sake of your having to make the garment over again, but I do for the sake of flawless aesthetics.

    Wrinkles in garments, to me, are just as annoying an oversight as wrinkles in hosiery, in closeups. If a high profile photographer is going to take closeups of lovely women in killer shoes, make sure there are no wrinkles in the hosiery, oh, and make sure the shoes are precisely fitting, too.

    Anyway... TY