Friday, April 1, 2011

Had to share...

Sometimes I am lucky enough to get an image of something I made in use from a client after a project is delivered. And occasionally, they also allow me to post the picture on my blog.
In this case, the slave involved happens to be completely gorgeous as well. I am just in awe of these beautiful shots of the recent square armbinder and hood project, tightly laced on...

Somtimes, all the hard work pays off...

I hope you all appreciate the images as much as I do. Dear client, Thank you so much for sharing!


  1. Very nice. You should request that all of your clients submit a picture of the "maiden voyage" in the garment!

  2. Dear Bish,

    I wouldn't want my clients to think they were obligated in any way, but it is really great when it happens!

  3. Incredible work. Fantastic! Hope one day have anything from you.

  4. Very nice of the client that sent you those pictures. He should be proud of the girl who wears the outfit, while the rest of us, I assure you, we're jealous.

  5. Jealous, yes - lucky bastard! Beautiful AND kinky in spades...

  6. Dear Christopher,

    My partner and I are extremely interested in purchasing this - it looks absolutely fantastic and I don't think we've seen anything quite like it before!

    How can we get in contact to talk specifics?


  7. Dear Yularen, I'm not taking new orders at this time, but plan to announce on this blog when I do start up again. You can contact me at "christopherfetish(at)