Thursday, April 21, 2011

F-suit v2.0

I finished up another f-suit this past weekend, and I think it came out very nice. This is my second attempt at a pointed-toe foot pocket for this client. The first one I made was too short at the toe, even after all the measurements and the prototype. I probably made too many changes between the prototype and the final, which is where the problem creeped in. I am hoping this one fits just perfect... fingers crossed!
Since we were making a new suit anyway, there were several other tweaks to the design: The arm pocket holes were enlarged to make getting in and out of the suit a bit easier. The collar was enlarged slightly - more room for a collar or hood underneath.
I also added a second tongue at the crotch so the zipper teeth could be completely covered on both sides when the zipper is opened. Clever idea from the client...
Finally, the bottom of the foot pocket is made to fit the outline of the client's foot.

Many great design ideas come from the people I work with, and it often surprises me with the types of ideas they have. I often have that "I wish I'd thought of that" feeling... There is always a different way of looking at things, and for me the collaboration is one of the best parts of doing custom work.


  1. How often does one get to say "I added a second tongue at the crotch..." with a straight face????
    Wonderful work as always! Thank you for posting!

  2. So true... These things just don't come up in every day conversation, that's for sure.

    Thanks, Bish! =0)

  3. i had to think a moment to figure out what "two-tongues" meant, and why that'd be useful. i guess i'm slow sometimes. :)

    did you have to completely made a new suit to fix the toe pocket, or can you just unstitch and redo that bit?

    (and i'm slowly starting a new blog!)

  4. Fantastic :) I am sure it will fit them like a glove

  5. Dear Sammy, Yeah, I should have shown a picture of the 2 tongues, but I forgot to take one.

    Re: unstitching, unfortunately, when you sew leather it creates holes that perforate the leather, and they don't close up if you rip out the stitches (which you could do if you were sewing with cloth). Those extra holes would also weaken the leather, which for a stressed seam is not a good thing, so the best way is to just make it again. =0(

    The client did manage to remove the legs, turning it into an f-leaoard (f-tard?), but we need to come up with a better name! LOL

    Please let me know when your new blog is up and running! I'm looking forward to it.

  6. Dear thisgirl,
    I won't stop until it does...!!! Making fantasy gear isn't the easiest thing to do. It would be much easier to make pizza or something. But, I find this much more rewarding when it goes right.

  7. i figured that it wouldn't be fixable. at least it still could be used for something, though. :) i guess i'd think it'd just turn back into a straitjacket, though.

    and my new blog should be up now. :) it's mostly just stuff from my old one reposted at the moment.

  8. That's a Lovely suit... probably not the place to ask this but how do you order things from you Chris?

  9. Dear Wolvie,

    Thanks for the comment, and I can be reached via comments - just let me know if you don't want it posted. At the moment I am no longer taking orders for custom work, as I have too many people waiting in the queue. But if I do start taking orders again, I'll announce it here on the blog.

  10. Dear Wolvie,
    Contact me directly at "christopherfetish(at)" for an answer to your question.... Thanks!