Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hood form wrap test 1

Now that I'm done carving the wooden head form it's time to test the thing to see if it actually works. Kind of like testing your answer in math class, where you put your answer into the original equation to see if it works out correctly...
In this case I'll be making a tight wrap of the form using plastic wrap and duct tape. If the form is accurate, the fit of the test wrap on my model should be perfect.
I draw a line at the rear where I am going to cut off the wrap.
Here's the wrap cut off of the form. It's amazing how well it holds the shape.
Now, where did my fit model go...?
The final result? It fits incredibly well, save for the chin - which is a bit too snug. I am going to add some wood there, and fine tune the shape until it is just right. I am really looking forward to using this form, as it will allow designs that I couldn't accomplish any other way.

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