Friday, May 19, 2017

The Art of BeE Workshop Japan

One thing I'd hoped when starting the blog was that a bunch of leather crafters and innovators around the world would be able to connect, share ideas and inspire each other. I think it comes from my days in art school, where I found it extremely enriching to just be around other creative types. It can't help but take your ideas and craftsmanship to a higher place. 

I want to introduce you to BeE Workshop, Japan

This gentleman is creating some of the most exciting and unique designs I've ever seen. 

Custom-made straitjacket, belt set and 2-layer padded pussy mouth hood.
He contacted me a while ago to let me know that my blog inspired him. I was so blown away by his work, I didn't know how to express it fully. I think in many ways he's more advanced than me as a maker. And his ideas are off-the-charts wonderful. 

He developed his own unique pattern for a padded, 2-layer hood. And he created a pussy-type mouth opening - I've never seen anyone do this in leather. And as if that wasn't enough, he created a harness with detatchable mouth/pussy cover…

 I like the way he has the little pussy lips closed…

I think we have a shared love of hoods and complete coverage restraints. 
It's always thrilling for me to see a new take on an old idea. Check out the unique, beautifully-fitted pattern for the straitjacket here. Love the attached rings, and the sleeve lacing. The collar fits beautifully. 
Also, love the beautiful shape on this leg restraint. A really nice fit. 
 He has also made some beautiful armbinders in a range of different styles. I love this classic looking design:

 He's also experimented with an open-hand style:

 A French-maid look with frilly edges in PVC:
 An over-the-shoulder style with a zip-closure:
 An over-the-shoulder style that laces up:
Take a moment to appreciate this fantastic photo…
 An open-shoulder style with zip closure, and contrasting red straps and collar. 
Cannot love this image enough…
Really beautiful custom-harness strap and chain sets too… so much great work. 
 I only know of his blog herebut will let you know if he ever puts together a stand-alone website. Don't you agree that his work is just fantastic? 

Thank you BeE workshop, for sharing your inspiring work with us! 

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