Sunday, October 14, 2012

A look back...

So when I started this blog March 2010, I didn’t have any idea how it would turn out, or what would come of it. My motivation was primarily just putting information about making leather fetish and bondage gear online, as I couldn’t find anything out about it after searching for it myself. 

I especially was looking for information about making fun things like hoods, armbinders and sleepsacks. There was just nothing out there. I came to find out, most leather crafters don’t share their “shop secrets”. 

Now I didn’t (and still don’t) consider myself an expert by any stretch, but more of someone who is still learning, who has tried a few things, and had some good results. But I still have a long way to go. 

I think as a pervert you have a kind of secret life. And having the blog has been a great outlet for me. A place to be my true self, and share the kinky ideas and things on my mind. To connect with like-minded others, and to do it without having to worry about offending someone else’s sensibilites. That part has been great. 

So, here are a few blog stats, in case you may find them interesting... I just passed 666,666 page views and 269 followers. I remember thinking I'd be happy with just a couple of followers,  and maybe get a thousand page views. Totally wrong on both counts!

For the longest time my most popular post (by pageviews) was my Fetish Inspiration: InSex article (with 7,123 views) only to be recently surpassed by the Female Bondage Hood Pattern post with 10,345 views. The F-suit article is in third place with 6,549. 

According to my blog stats, the US has the most pervs, followed by Germany, the UK and Canada...

It won't surprise most of you to know that Serious Bondage sends me the most traffic - it's probably how you got here! But a fair amount of traffic from, iiichan, and thisgirl. Thanks to you all for the support! 

I found the search terms that led to me interesting: armbinder far and away the favorite, with 2,189 pageviews based on that search term. F-suit is in second place with 688 - a pretty good showing considering it's a made-up name. Add in the "f suit" without a dash's 416, and it's over 1,000 links for that alone. Not too bad...
I am humbled and happy with what I consider the success of the blog, and thank you to all for visiting and leaving comments, and making the whole thing rewarding and worthwhile for me personally. I am truly grateful!


  1. Dear Chris
    To be honest; i visit your blog everyday awaiting new posts.
    You making the most perfect items for my taste of bondage in leather.
    Thank you and keep going.

    All the best

    1. Hey Soren, thanks for the encouraging words. Now that I know you're coming every day, I need to start posting more often! Seriously, I appreciate it...

  2. F-Suit, no place in the Internet like in your blog!

  3. Hi Christopher...

    Interessting factoids in your stats.
    Let me say, I´m from Germany and I´m one of those who found your blog searching for "armbinder".
    Maybe I already told you, but here in Germany we have a big "pervy DIY" community.
    Keep up your work.
    Greetings, Eric

    1. Eric, that is cool, you showed up in the blog stats... It's kinda geeky, but fun for me to find out who and where other people are who share the same interests. Plus, it helps me to know when people find value in the blog. I'll keep at it!

  4. You should count "pervs-per-capita" for a more rounded view of how perverted a country is ;)

    1. I love that... It should be on every census form!