Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Elizabeth Andrews vintage photos...?

I finished a hood project a few weeks ago for Elizabeth Andrews (check out her clips4sale site here), and she recently sent me a few photos so I could check the fit. Oh boy, I love getting emails like this! 

Now she is a beautiful girl, with these great big brown eyes - just perfectly made for the open-face hood. Add to that the fact that she's wearing a skin-tight latex catsuit, a serious bondage corset, and her arms are strapped into a tight armbinder... Just absolute wow! 

It struck me that the photos could have come from another era, possibly many years ago - so I decided to play around with them in photoshop a little bit to give them a soft-edge vintage feel. I imagined I found them hidden inside an old box or case that I'd purchased at the flea market or an antique store. As if I could be that lucky.

I had some fun with it, and Elizabeth: I hope you don't mind! Thanks for letting me share the awesome pix...


  1. Hi Christopher...

    really a nice hood and a great shot on a nice model (and a nie fantasy of yours, of course)
    The link doesn´t work correctly, there´s a fullstop at the ende of the adress which has to be removed.
    Keep it going... (and thanks again and big compliments to the model from my side, too)
    greets, Eric

    1. Crap, you're right - even taking out the period isn't working... for me at least. I have to start here, and then enter her studio #38880 - maybe they won't allow outside links directly to a studio? Thanks for the heads-up.