Monday, March 4, 2013

Head and Body Harness in Black Leather

A brief look at the strappy hood and body harness project...

 We start with the leather and a straightedge. 

Cut a bunch of strips. 1.625" wide. 

Turn and sew the edges. Use the edge-guide. It helps. 

 First side done:
 You'll end up with a whole bunch of straps:
Neatly wound up:
 Next, cut the other parts. Collar, arm and leg openings, crotch piece. 
Rivet 'em together. 
 Keep riveting...
 Work your way around the side and back.
 Clips help. 
More clips.

 Now for the hood. Rear opening first: 
 Then the straps. 
You'll need a round strap for the top:

 Glue and fold before sewing. 

 Tape in place, then rivet. 

Front strap, riveted:

 Tape side strap in place...

 ...and rivet. 
 Lots of rivets!
 You're done.
 Have fun with your new toys!

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