Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Heart-shaped Hoods: open ear and lamb variations

I finished up a pair of hoods tonight, made from the same pattern but in two different leathers. The first one is in red patent pig leather, the second in red lamb leather.  

This pattern was modified to have a little more of a "heart-shaped" face opening compared to the other open-face hoods I've made in the past, with a slight curve at the cheek. It should really frame the face nicely...

The open-ear makes this hood unique. It's a good hood for all of you out there who find the ear to be an erogenous zone. 

I think I need to do a version with the ears open, but the face closed - nose holes only. That would be evil... Especially for those with sensitive ears. 

The red lamb leather version is just stunning. Soft and supple, it feels great on the inside. It is also thicker than the patent pig (0.85mm for the lamb vs. 0.4mm for the patent), but more stretchy. 

The stretch gives it a nice smooth look. I wish all the lamb leathers were this nice, thick and supple. It gives the topstitching a nice puffy look along the edge. 

The front view gives you a nice look at the "heart" shaped opening. 

In the rear you can see the difference the leather makes - the lamb pulls a lot closer together than the patent on the same form. 

So pretty...

Another day, another hood (or two)...


  1. my last good gf liked to lick ears. it was weird, because i could only lay helpless while she did that. it was basically like i was switched off, and could only deal with "OMG WTF is my ear doing?"

    doing that in decent bondage would be amazing, i think.

  2. Lol, that is too funny sammy... I've had a girl for whom earplay was somewhere between sensual teasing and ticklish torture. This hood makes me want to try it again - as you say - with bondage this time!