Sunday, August 25, 2013

Transparent Vinyl Hoods

I've had some smokey transparent vinyl sitting around the shop waiting for the right project, and decided to finally turn it into some experimental hoods. It is only about .34mm thick, but strong and slightly stretchy. The cool thing about it is the fact that at first glance, it looks like patent leather. But look closer, and you can barely see through it - like a darkly tinted window. 

The vinyl is kind of a pain to work with. Marks have to be made with a white colored pencil, and they very easily rub off...
 Also, the seam allowances are going to be visible, so they have to be uniform. 
 The material can't be glued down, so all the seams are going to have to be topstitched. 
 The plan is two open-faced (one with a snap-off cover), and one mouth-only hood. 
It's always interesting to take something you know, and try it in a different material. Keeps things interesting...

So far, so good... One down, two to go. 

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