Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fashion meets Fetish - Alice Auaa Fall 2014 Collection

Thanks to amazing artist Kate O'Brien for sending me the link to the Alice Auaa Fall 2014 fashion show on Women's Wear She thought I might be interested in seeing it for some reason... Well, I guess you could say that. 

Fashion designers are doing some amazing things with leather lately, and with the widespread popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey (and appropriation of kinky imagery in general) it does my heart glad to see such straight-forward fetish clothing on the runway. This isn't perv-inspired: it is perv. 100%, straight-up, dungeon-ready. This would make John Willie so happy. 

I particularly like the braided pony-tail coming out of the top of the hoods. Like a leather whip handle. And the girls all have their own whips as well - of course!
 This look: the hood under the fur-lined parka hood. That's got to be a first. Some kind of fetish triple-trifecta. Boots, leather, fur, gloves... so many layers of fetish, I'm losing track. 
And those boots... *sigh*

Check out the whole collection here.


  1. Well, fashion evolves in the right way...:)

  2. Moving pictures, even better:

    1. Thanks for the heads up... the video is amazing!

  3. You are most welcome.
    It's clear I admire your work and share your fetish.
    Keep posting!