Thursday, May 8, 2014

BlackStyle Latex Sleepsack

The German fetish maker BlackStyle is doing some amazing things lately, including what they refer to as their "High-end Bondage Bag with Belts." This is the first time I've seen anyone making a sleepsack in heavy latex with an attached hood. And it's offered as a custom-only item, meaning they want to make sure it fits you like a glove. How perfectly nice of them. You can just tell at a glance from the photo that this restraint was made to measure, as the fit is nice and snug. 

 One option they offer that I find really sexy as hell: a zippered opening at the end of the hand pocket. Usually, when you are locked in your sleepsack, there is no way for you to touch yourself. It's part of the surrender of control which can make the restraint so frustrating. This makes that option of allowing you to pleasure yourself available to your master or mistress, but allows them to take away the privelege as they see fit. The photo they made of the long red latex gloved hand coming out is simply awesome. 

The piece comes standard with an inflatable gag and removable blindfold, plus seven latex belts. So you can bliss out in total latex enclosure, with your every orifice filled and pumped, strapped and blown up to its maximum extent. 

As if this weren't enough, they include a picture of a kind of latex-encased hogtie - with a strap pulling the hood back to a D-ring at the tip of the toes. Holy s***, that's horny as can be. Or is it just me? If you are into enclosure, this is awesome...
Start saving your pennies, latex subbies. This baby will run you around $2,300 US, plus shipping. A small price to pay for you new latex prison/home. Besides, if you're a good slave, you may get to stay in all night! Only if you are really, really good...

Beautiful work, BlackStyle! Check out their site here, or this link directly to the "High-End" sack page.  

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  1. Dear Honey,
    If you are reading this, yes feel free to get this for me for Christmas. Thanks in advance!