Friday, July 16, 2010

Fetish Inspiration - InSex

Dear Readers,
I haven't updated in a couple of weeks, but I was sick for about a week then I had family in town the week after that, so there wasn't a lot of free time for me to be working on fetish projects or blogging. I'm feeling better now (thanks for asking), and the family is gone, so hopefully I will be getting back to making more regular posts.

I have been receiving lots of requests for custom gear lately, which has been great. Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement. Unfortunately, I am getting rather backed up with projects in the queue, but I promise to get to all sincere and serious inquiries eventually.

Many people mention something they've seen on the InSex site as an inspiration for something they would like me to make. I completely understand where they are coming from. PD, the gentleman behind the InSex site has really discerning taste, a great imagination, and a very talented leather crafter working for him. I have long admired the custom gear I have seen on his sites. The gear fits well, it is beautifully designed, the restraints actually work and stand up real-world use and abuse.

You just don't see these designs in stores.

His armbinder design is amazing, and not something every sub can handle. The fit is just incredible. I'm pretty sure the corset is a custom piece as well.
One of my personal favorites is the square armbinder, which laces up the back...
...with a high-collared separating zipper closure in the front. Together with the corset and hood, it's an incredible combination.
And although this piece isn't leather, but latex - it illustrates what makes PD's creations so unique. The creativity, the unique design, the fit, the intensity - all hallmarks of the InSex style.
I often think that the only other place I see restraints and bondage scenarios with such intensity is in bondage artwork or drawings. The fact that PD creates these pieces, has them fabricated and finds models to wear them - here in the real world - it's an amazing thing.

PD's older work can be seen on insexarchives and his current work can be found on infernalrestraints. Just to warn you, some of the scenarios on PD's sites are a bit extreme. Dear PD: If you ever wanted to collaborate I would love to work with you to make something cool together, but you'd have to promise not to be too mean to the poor girl! I know, not bloody likely...


  1. oooohoooo

    Chirs, I wanna the first one!!! :D

  2. I do miss Insex :(

  3. Shapeshifter, as Christopher said, PD is still producing for Infernal Restraints.

    (How frustrating, I've been trying to comment for MONTHS, and this layout doesn't work with FireFox. The comments just disappear. I had to use Explorer to make this work. I was just looking at the Blogger help system and apparently there are some issues with the inline comment box. At least it's a bug and I'm not being slighted.)

  4. Looks like a lot of fun to me!

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