Monday, June 21, 2010

F-suit: The finished project

I wanted to share some nice images of my recently completed f-suit project.
Unfortunately, there is no pretty girl trapped inside...
Here's a closeup detail of the crotch zip.
This f-suit is unique in the placement of the leg-pocket zipper. Usually I run it along the bottom of the leg-pocket but on this suit it runs from above the knee to the toe.
This f-suit also features a custom-shaped gag and blindfold with an open-faced hood.
The leather on this project is soooo pretty. The pictures don't do it justice.


  1. Very nice work.

    How do you select your hides? The type of leather etc for each project. Do you have any trusted online sellers?

    Also for sewing leather I always assumed you would need either or both of a heavy duty sewing machine or special needles and thread for dealing with leather. Any thoughts?

  2. Dear Sammy, thisgirl and CT,

    Thanks for the kind words! It was a big project, and I am always nervous until the last part is complete. There's no command-z when doing a project like this!

    CT, I have a couple of leather suppliers I go to here in Southern California - Sav-Mor and the Hide House. I found it really difficult to find leather online, as all hides are unique and when you purchase online you get whatever they send you. I can't always describe the weight or the feel I want, and it really helps to see it in person.

    As far as sewing, you do need a special machine to do quality leather work in my opinion. I used a small singer portable for years and was always frustrated by it's inability to stitch heavy leather consistently. The needles would break, or the motor would bog down and couldn't make it through the leather or the stitch length would be inconsistent. All of these problems were solved once I got an industrial walking-foot machine. It was like night and day. Walking-foot leather sewing machines are expensive, but if you are serious about doing this kind of work, they make a world of difference.