Wednesday, June 9, 2010

f-suit gag construction

Welcome to the last major element of our f-suit project, the muzzle gag that will end up attaching to the hood with buckles. We begin as always with our pattern traced onto the leather.
I'll clip and sew the center seam first.
Once done, I give all the edges a nice coat of glue.
Fast-forward 20 minutes in time, and we have all the seams nicely flattened.
At this stage I cut little strips of leather to fill in the gaps on the rear of the straps. Strips for straps - sounds funny, no? Can't see them?
Here they are, popped out:
I need these to make the straps nice and flat on the back side.
Here they are glued into place.
While that's drying, I'll start working on the lining. This will be of the same soft lamb as the lining of the blindfold. Can you see the shapes? Black on black, not easy, I know...

Here we have the lamb-pieces cut out, and I'll stitch the center seam, just like the other part.
Once stitched, I apply glue and use the foam head to hold it while drying. She looks kind of good with a mohawk, don't you think?
Once that center seam is pounded dry, the entire back side gets a coat of glue. We're going to sandwich those puppies together...
Sorry I don't have process shots, but it takes two hands to align the pieces and cajole them together. You are helped by the fact that the lamb is so stretchy, and any overlap can be trimmed away after sewing.
Before topstitching, however, I want to round off the ends of the straps with my new strap cutter. Nifty, right? And expensive! About $28. But really nice strap ends from here on out...
Onto the machine for top stitching all around the outside edge.
And there you have the finished gag/mouth cover. Woo-hoo!
Together with the blindfold, they make a nice imposing pair...

So, of course I have to take a few pictures: the hood with the gag...
A side view...
And with the blindfold added:
I know what you all are thinking: how does the gag and blindfold attach to the hood? Well, for now it is masking tape. But it will be with 1-inch roller buckles. Because I want to make sure everything is perfect before I punch holes and attach buckles, I am sending these pieces off to the client for a final test-fit. Based on that fit I should be able to make everything in just the right place for long-term comfort or torment - whatever the case may be. Thanks for following along, and I will really complete this project in (hopefully not too-distant) future post. Take care for now...


  1. Hello Christopher,

    nice work. I saw your work for Currently do you take orders and how to contact you?


  2. Thanks Dinetti, for the compliment. I do take custom orders - it is pretty much all I do - so feel free to contact me at christopherfetish(at) I look forward to hearing from you.