Wednesday, June 9, 2010

f-suit hood construction

Hello class! Today I'll be taking you through the final steps of production on the hood, blindfold and gag for our f-suit project. We start out with the four main pattern pieces for our hood, which will have an open-face and will eventually have a laced and zippered closure at the back.
We'll clip the two front and rear pieces together and run our first line of stitches. On the rear pieces, we're just stitching a couple of inches at the top.

Once sewn, it's time to glue up the seams...
...and flatten with the mallet - trimming up to the sew line.
Next, I'll notch out the rear panels where the edge folds over.
And glue it up.
Same operation on the open-face portion of our hood: cut slits where needed in the seam allowance, and apply glue with a disposable brush.
Here's our rear seam, folded flat:
And the face opening.
Now I'll top stitch the face opening along the folded seam. I won't stitch the rear seam yet, as that will be stitched when the zipper is sewn into place. And that won't happen until after the hood is attached to the body of the f-suit.
So, now we can attach the front and back halves of the hood together. I align at the top seam and use plenty of clips to hold the pieces in place.
Here we have the seam complete:
Next, cut the notches so the seam allowance will lay flat on the curve.
I use the Styrofoam head form to hold the hood upright while the glue sets up on both sides. It's rather handy to keep the hood from sticking to the table.
And once the glue is ready, the seams are pressed down and gently tapped flat with the mallet. This completes the hood form, at least for this stage. I'll be sewing in the lacing panel and attaching to the body in a future step.
A side view...
Up next: the blindfold!


  1. This is SO awesome!! Please forgive my ignorance, but where did you get/how did you design the pattern pieces?

  2. Dear Jingles,

    No problem with the question - I made the pattern myself, and hope to cover pattern making and sizing in a future post. Thanks for the comment!