Sunday, June 6, 2010

F-suit body construction

I had a chance to work on the body of the f-suit today. It is a similar pattern to the female straitjacket I made a few projects ago, which should ensure a form-fitting end result for the client. We start off with six pattern pieces, a shoulder, three chest pieces that allow us to create a sort of pocket for the breasts, and the lower part of the body, which consists of 2 pieces that connect to the rest of the front at the natural waist.

The first step is to clamp the parts together for sewing.
I'll stitch the centerline on the bottom front for just a few inches, as most of these two parts will be held together by a zipper that we'll be putting in in a future step.
The chest panels are clipped together, and ready for sewing. The pattern was derived initially from a duct-tape wrap - something I hope to cover in more detail in a future post.
Here the seams have been sewn and glued up...
...and flattened. Now we're ready for the next step: joining the bottom and chest panel.
I align these parts at the centerline. Clamp & sew...
Same with the piece that forms the shoulders and neck opening: align at the center line, clamp and sew.

Once sewn, we're ready to apply the glue and flatten the seam allowances.
That completes the front side:
Now we're ready for the back. The rear is a little simpler, as it consists of just a left and a right panel. I love the shape, so girly and curvy!
These get clipped at the shoulder and sides to the front panel we just completed.

Here the seams are sewn and glued - ready for flattening with the mallet.
And a quick view, right-side out - everything is looking good...
Now I just need to attach the lower portions of the body, front-to-back.
And that is it, we're done with the body for now. I'll set this aside until we're ready to attach the arm and leg pockets and hood.
Take care, until next time...

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