Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Projects in progress

I have been so completely busy with projects lately, which is a good thing, I know. I just wish I had more time to dedicate to leather craft, as the projects are really piling up right now... To those who have contacted me for custom work, I appreciate your patience, and will get to each of you eventually!

Sometimes the everyday workshop routine doesn't make for very interesting blogging, I'm afraid, which is why it's been a while since my last post. I try and spare you all the boring, tedious bits. I have three projects in progress at the moment: an f-suit, a custom armbinder, and a male version of the butterfly jacket with a matching hood for my friends over at Serious Bondage.
For the f-suit, I am (as usual) adjusting the pattern to fit the client's specific measurements. The only real custom modification on this piece is to the foot pocket, which is to be more pointed than the usual shape to accommodate a pointed toe position. Since I have already covered the step-by-step making of a f-suit on this blog, I decided not to repeat showing the whole process again. I'll try and only show new and different techniques as they come along.

The couple ordering the suit seem really cool and sweet, and it is always fun for me to work with people in a relationship who want to make something kinky special together. I think it's terribly romantic!

The next project that has been getting a lot of time is what I refer to as the Square Armbinder. It is modeled after a piece I saw on InSex a number of years ago, and have had several people contact me to see if I could do something similar. Making a pattern for a piece like this usually begins with a wrap of cellophane and duct tape. Once I cut that off, I use the pieces to develop a pattern which I use to make a prototype in vinyl. Here's the first fit test below:

The vinyl is good for proofing the basic pattern, but because it is thinner and stretches a lot more than leather, it can only take you so far. Something that stretches to fit in vinyl but won't in leather can turn into a big problem.

In this case, I have made a second prototype in leather to really help me figure out how certain parts will fit. It is a simple pattern, but with some complicated curves and contours that need to fit just right. Add in the darts and seams that need to align perfectly, and it gets to be a little tricky. Here's the leather prototype:
In the final version of this armbinder, there will be a rear lacing panel. But for the prototype stage, I just need to perfect the overall shape of the design. Once I have the envelope perfected, I can add the lacing panels to the pattern.
There will be a separating zipper closure in the front, and all the adjust ability will come from the lacing panel in the back. The leather I used for the prototype is not the greatest - it is rather stiff, and I don't like the surface too much. I am really looking forward to doing this in some really soft, beautiful leather. It's going to be great looking! A real sexy piece...

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