Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sleepsack play ideas from A to Z

Once your sub is securely locked and placed into his or her sleepsack, there are so many ways to tease, torment and play with your helpless little captive. Here are a few of my favorites:

A - Audio control Use earbuds under the hood or head phones over to pipe music into your slave. Block outside sounds and control their aural environement completely.

B - Breath control Don’t go overboard, but a little breathplay can be fun and really let your slave know who’s in control. Use a plastic bag, swim cap or earplugs. Evil, I know.

C - Forced Cum - Make you slave come whether they want to or not. Then keep them in there until they come again. No one said being a slave would be easy!

D - Sensory Deprivation - Use earplugs to block outside sounds. The all-over compression and lack of outside stimulus make whatever does reach your slave all that more powerful.

E - Endurance - Try to set a record for how long you keep your slave in the sack. Then try to break the record.

F - Feel your slave all over. From head to toe, touch transmits really well through skin tight leather. Especially the face.

G - A gasmask can come in handy to take your sleeepsacked slave even deeper into subspace. The rubber aroma and breath-control aspects of a gasmask can be quite intense.

H - Hold them on the edge. Get ‘em close to coming, and see how many times you can take them to the brink without going over.

I - Isolation Training - Use a baby monitor and leave your sacked victim in a dark quiet room, preferably in the middle of the night. See how long they last before whimpering for release. If you are really cruel, wait for them to whine, then just go in and pull all the laces tighter. Then leave again!*

J - Have your slave Jerk off first. Not all the way, but get your slave good and horny. Then zip them in. Nice and cruel, just the way you like it.

K - Kneepad: Place a pad between the knees and ankles to reduce pressure from bones grinding together. Ideally, within the sleepsack there should be no skin-on-skin contact.

L1 - lock ‘em in. Use a lock to secure the zipper shut. There’s no way out anyway, but using a lock just completes the thought. You'd be helpless to escape without it, but a lock just takes it to a whole other level psychologically! Just be sure not to lose the key.

L2 (Yes, I have two L's) - Layering: Have your slave wear a latex or lycra catsuit before placing them in the sleepsack. It creates a whole different sensation.

M - Bondage Mittens - put mittens on your slave’s hands (or wrap them with cling film) before they slide into the sleepsack’s internal sleeves. It makes the sack fit tighter and increases the feeling of complete helplessness.

N - Focus on the Nose. When you are in a sleepsack and hooded with nose-holes only, one of your few unencumbered senses is your sense of smell. For leather or latex fetishists, a piece of that material over the face can just plunge you into an olfactory otherworld. For the boot fetishist, being forced to breathe the air inside your mistresses freshly worn boot is an intoxicating leather-scented dream.

O - Sensory Overload: Use all tools at hand on your slave’s tool/naughty bits. Vibrators, feather, slapper, fur, crop, suck, slap, stroke it for all it’s worth. Works well when you alternate Sensory Overload with Sensory Deprivation.

P - Pressure: Press on your slave with your body. Lie on them with all your weight. Sit on their chest with their head between your thighs. Facesit, and rub your sex on their nose.
Good times!

Q - Quiet time. Threaten additional punishment if your slave makes any noise. Reward them for being extra silent. Make it hard for them to keep quiet, by teasing, slapping or surprising them.

R - Restriction - Go all out for a completely restrictive experience. Use all the belts and straps you have on top of your sacked slave. If possible, strap them to a board or bench so that all possibility of movement is eliminated.

S - Silent treatment - Make no noise, and be absolutely quiet throughout the entire sleepsack session.

T - Timed sessions - Set a time amount, and see how quickly you can reach the amount. Think you could do 8 hours in a week? How about 24? Come up with a challenge with your slave, then go for it.

U - Undergarments - put your used panties over your slave’s breathing holes, and let him inhale your perfume.

V - Vibrator torments - Use appropriate vibrator on your sacked slave. For the female slave, nothing beats the Hitachi Magic Wand - and you can zip it inside with her. If you have nipple access, those vibrating tit clamps are hard to beat.

W - Wake your slave in the middle of the night, and force them into their sleepsack. Roll over and go back to sleep while they lie awake, aroused and frustrated. You wouldn’t dare? You would! *

X - The X factor. The great thing about sleepsack sessions is the unknown. Mix it up, so your slave never knows what’s coming. There are thousands of different scenarios, so you never have to do the same thing twice.

Y - Yours, exclusively. Telling a slave that you have to keep them under wraps, where you can keep an eye on them is an important part of sleepsack training. They are your property, and you must keep them under complete control at all times. What better way to do that, than by putting them in the sack?

Z - Zzzzzzz - Ever have your slave fall asleep in the sack? Offer them a prize if they do.

* Never actually leave a bound person unattended, even if you are pretending to. Always stay within earshot and constantly monitor the well-being of your slave. Remember: safety first!

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