Monday, December 13, 2010

Sleepsack Design Sketches

Fetish leathercraft is my hobby, my passion - a bit of an obsession for me even. I have ideas about bondage gear all the time - new concepts, materials, construction details. I'm inspired by everything around me, from kinky things online to everyday objects: handbags, boots, jackets.

Part of the reason I wanted to start a blog was to have a way to share ideas with other perverts, rather than keeping them all in my head or stuck in a sketchbook that no one will ever see. It can be kind of lonely when you have a great kinky idea and wish you had someone to share it with. Someone who would really appreciate it...

So, I'm posting some designs from an old journal showing a variety of sleepsack concepts below. I hope to make each and every version, eventually.

The segmented designs below are inspired by puffy jackets, sleeping bags, and a leather jacket made years ago by Gianni Versace. I always thought there was something kinky about sleeping bags, and a leather version with attached hood would be the ultimate for a certain type of bondage enthusiast. The practical downside (Ouch, sorry) would be that it would get really hot in there, really quick - with 2 layers of leather plus the insulating padding. It would only be practical in a location where it was pretty cold. Hmm... maybe you COULD take this one camping. The overall gentle pressure provided by the fill would create a really intense sensation.Next up, I have a couple of ideas that incorporate straps topstitched over the sleepsack for additional reinforcement as well as a color contrast. The Asylum version I could see with a distressed brown leather on top of a creme or gray color, with lots of rivets - almost a steampunk look. For the X-suit, it could be black and white or some other high-contrast color scheme. The hood reminds me of Racer-X from the speed racer series. Very Matrix-y.
A further development of the puffy look might be the quilted look shown below. I have seen handbags and boots from Chanel that incorporate the quilted leather, and I think it would look incredibly tough on a full sleepsack. Can't you imagine a shiny black exterior, with a full red or pink interior? It would be super cool. The other concept shows a high-contrast series of straps sewn over the sack from top to bottom. These would create contour lines that define the shape inside, and would add to the overall restriction for the occupant. Colors could be determined, but the overall look was inspired by a tape-mummification image I saw a while ago.
Small sketches like these help me figure out the aesthetics of a design before I start making the actual piece. Details like how far apart I want the lacing panels to be when the sleepsack is on can all be worked out at this stage. In a lot of fetish art by Jim or Eric Stanton, they will show the laces pulled completely together, which is a great look. From a practical side, I like to allow a little bit of space, so if needed the laces can be pulled even tighter. This helps combat the stretch of the leather as well. Even if the piece stretches, you want to make sure you can pull those laces tight.
I could see a monochrome or contrasting color scheme on both designs below. One could really emphasize the openings at the breast with a contrasting color, and if the colors were bright enough it could even take on a super-hero type look. Although I usually try and minimize seams, which could be seen as potential points of weakness, you could use the seams in a decorative, intentional way, as with the sack on the right below. There could even be piping at the seam in a contrasting color, simulating the welds as on a piece of sculpture by Antony Gormley.
That's it for now... More sketches to come!


  1. i love the puffy and quilted looks. excellent!

  2. The last one (left) makes me think of Wonder Woman. Maybe red and blue with star shaped rivets (that's what the dots are, right)?

  3. Dear Sammy,
    I could totally see it in red, white and blue for a Wonder Woman in bondage look. I was thinking chrome studs, but star shaped rivets would be cool...