Wednesday, May 4, 2011

F-suit v2.0 Photos

Sometimes I am lucky enough to have a client share images of the finished product with me. These are great to see from a production standpoint, as it helps me to know how things ended up fitting - or not fitting in some cases - so I can work towards improving my design patterns if necessary. In this case, the client not only allowed me to see images, but was OK with me sharing on my blog as well, which is really very generous of them. (Thank you client!) I was happy to see the final f-suit fit so perfectly, and paired with their own hood, these pictures are just as sexy as hell!
The f-suit is an unusual restraint, in that you are completely enclosed, but still have some form of restricted motion. You can wiggle around, but movement is limited, and escape is difficult, if not impossible. You become a sort of helpless leather-encased sex toy at the mercy of your partner/master... The shot above shows the pointed-toe pocket, fitting as it should, just like a glove. If you have been following my blog for a while, you may remember this was the problem in the last version I made: the foot pocket was too short. This time, we got it just right!
This picture is great, too. I love the position, and her pointed toes are just perfect!!
And for those of you who were wondering (SAMMY), this is what the 2 tongues at the crotch looks like... =0)

Take care, until next time...


  1. :-P

    thank you!

    my original comment was more of a "why would that be useful?" kind of thing. then i thought more, and realized that i was dumb. ;)

  2. That's beautiful and amazing work. I can't quite imagine the difficulty in creating the patterns for it all. I'm envious both of the client and your skill! Thank you for sharing all that you have. (I've only recently discovered you blog but I'm really enjoying it.)

  3. Hi

    Love your work, very inspirational and I hope you are successful for a long time with it.
    A question for you please, I would like to make a F-suit myself, out of rubber, but more in the shape of a teddy bear (long story with other half), could I base it on you designs you have on here or would you prefer if if I don't? I am not planing to make these commercially.

    Thank you

  4. Dear Nic Only,
    Thanks, and I hope to be doing this a long time as well!
    I don't mind you making something based on my designs at all. The genesis of this blog was to share patterns and techniques with others, as I couldn't find information on making fetish gear anywhere - I'm happy to share.
    I am working on making PDFs of patterns for a male hood and armbinder to be posted. And full-size patterns for the f-suit and sleepsack are in the works.
    Take care, and best of luck with your project!

  5. Since you do custom work for customers for customers do these f-suits fit any gender? Also asking about customer customization how much does one of these suits cost for a basic model and how long does it take?

  6. More QQ, I am not currently taking on new work due to a backlog of orders. I will let people know on the blog when I start accepting orders again.