Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Laced sleepsack - step-by-step Part 4

Now we're ready to attach the hood and foot pocket to the main body of the sleepsack.
I align the hood on the sleepsack center seam, and hold in place with bulldog clips.
Once sewn, the seams are glued and pounded flat.

Now I adjust the top of the rear panel seam so it meets cleanly with the hood seam. There is some extra room in the rear panel pattern, so I have room to trim it to align with the hood seam and redraw the fold line. I also skive the seam allowances where the edge will fold over to keep it from becoming too bulky.

This happens on both sides of the rear panel where it meets the hood.
Once everything is trimmed and aligned, we can glue the entire rear opening edge seam. Also, it's time to glue up the lacing strip as well.
Wait for the glue to turn clear...
...then fold over and pound with the mallet.
Next up: attach the foot pocket. This is clipped and sewn along the top edge.
Then the seam is glued and flattened.

At this stage we are really starting to look like a sleepsack!
Front closeup:
Rear with opening for lacing and zipper...
Detail of head with lacing strip.
Bottom of foot pocket detail:
We're almost done...

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