Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Laced sleepsack - step-by-step Part 6

A few more steps and we'll have this one all wrapped up. It's time to set in the internal sleeves, which in this pattern start about 4 inches below the shoulder seam.
I hold the sleeve in position with tape and sew just inside the line, working inside the restraint.
Next, I topstitch a second row of stitches from the outside using the first seam as a guide. No margin for errors on this one!
I try to center the hand pocket on the side seam. Here's a closeup of the hand pocket:
And a closeup of the top of the 2 seams:

Now that we have both sleeves sewn in, major sewing operations are complete.
Oh, one more thing; I did take the time to topstitch the seam where the neck meets the body.
Finally I marked out the spacing for the lacing holes. I wanted a real fetish-y look for this project so I spaced the lacing holes pretty close together. Didn't you know more lacing = more fetish-y? It's true.

I ended up with 90 grommets on this sleepsack.
Plus the 2 on the front of the hood.
You can't really see it in this photo, but I did hand stitch the bottom of the lacing strip to the top of the heel piece. It is one seam I can't sew with the machine, as it is pretty much a closed bag at this point in the process.
That's about it. Another one for the history books.
Thanks for following along...


  1. beautiful as always. i was wondering if you'd use the head form moments before seeing the pictures. lol

    did you make it for a specific person?

  2. Thanks, Sammy! I am definitely loving the head form, and want to make a couple more to give me a range of sizes. The male version is next...

    This sleepsack was made to fit a beautiful Asian model I am working with. I am going to make a range of restraints that will fit her perfectly. These will be more fantasy-type projects, things that are more artsy-sculpture than pure functional bondage. Of course, they will be full-coverage restraints too!

    I hope to make a series of photos of her in the gear which will end up in a portfolio of prints and a book I want to make. It’s one of those projects I have wanted to do for a long, long time, and it’s finally coming together.

  3. Simply you are the best in the world. Looking at the various steps seems to see the realization of my desire to have this jewel of sleepsack, but just wait a while longer. Go on like, Christopher. In the meantime, keep us updated about new projects. Thanks