Thursday, February 9, 2012

Harness Hood

I have been wanting to make something like this project for a while now. It's sort of a cross between a hood and a harness, with wide-open cutouts forming strap-like lines across the face. The opportunity came about after discussions with Karen Hsiao about hood designs where more of the model's face is visible.

I started with a duct-tape wrap:

I used my wooden head form to create the design. I love the look of a strap around the forehead. Also, the harnesses with straps on both sides of the nose are very cool. This kind of combines the two ideas, with a hood as well. I have seen lots of bondage harnesses out there, but they often don't fit very well, especially with a petite model.
Once my wrap is done, and I'm happy with the way it looks, I cut it off and test fit on my model. After a few tweaks, everything looks OK, so I go ahead and use it to create the pattern.
I went with a split-chin on this pattern, to get that front piece to make the contour of the chin. It's a challenge to sew it and flatten it, as the dimensions are so small. But I am considering this design a kind of experiment anyway, so why not?
Ready for sewing:
The trickiest part of this hood is all the topstitching on the front straps. It is highly-visible, and the tolerances are very tight - because I want that stitching very close to the edge.
Front and rear panels complete...
Wow, it looks bad-ass (as my brother would say)...
I'm a little bummed that the strap on top isn't laying flat. But, for a first go at the pattern, overall it's pretty cool.
With some fine-tuning, I think this design has potential...


  1. i can't wait to see this on an actual face. ;) mostly it's the eyes that i want to see between the straps.

    1. This hood went off to Karen as soon as it was complete, so I hope she does somthing cool with it too! Should be hot...

  2. Have you ever seen Farscape? This hood reminds me of the character Scorpius. Only I expect the result to be much prettier.

  3. I second on Scorpius and I really like the design

  4. I second Scorpius and also really like the design. Might work well with thicker leather for a man rather in this material.

  5. I second Scorpius and this is a cool design. maybe in leather for a man?