Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More sleepsack progress...

Got a little more done on the sleepsack today, including sewing in the shoulders.
Those seams get glued down...
...and topstitched.
The hood is up next to be attached. It has spent the night on the hood last, so it has taken on a more 3-dimensional shape.
I re-draw the seam lines if necessary before aligning the hood, as they can rub off a bit as the sack is being assembled. You want a clear guide to make sure these 2 seams are aligned properly before sewing.
Here the hood is clipped to the neck opening, ready for sewing.
I also attached the foot pocket.
Here you can see that my side panels are made to be a bit long so I have extra to trim off in order to ensure a perfect fit. At this stage, if a side panel was short, it would be a disaster!
I don't mind having a little waste to trim at the bottom of these panels, as it is always easier to trim away than to add.
I also want to be sure to leave a little flap at the place where seams come together, to make sure there isn't a gap when the pieces are joined.
Here I'm holding the flap back so you can see the straight-cut seam allowance underneath.
Now we're ready to attach the foot pocket bottom.
First with the clips, then the sewing machine...
At this point I also want to topstitch the seam along the hood's neck-body connection.

After sewing, the foot pocket is turned right-side out, and I use a hammer to gently to flatten the seam.

I'm really happy with the way this sack is turning out...
Up next: rear zipper and lacing panel, and the internal sleeves.
We're getting there...


  1. It's fantastic Chris :) (have you received my email?)

    1. Thanks, Dani - I did get your email, but was late with the reply... You should have it now?

    2. Yes yes, I will prepare many special request :P

  2. looks amazing! where do you source your leather?

    1. Thanks! This hide is called "Dublin" and it's from the Hide House in Nappa, California.

  3. The leather you are using to this fantastic sleepsack looks realy nice. What thickness is it? ( in mm please)
    I love when it´s very thick gives a restrictive feeling.
    I will jump in to Hide house and see if they send overseas.
    All the best..

  4. Dear Leatherlife,

    Hidehouse calls the "Dublin" hide a 3-4oz weight leather, which corresponds to a thickness of 1.2 to 1.6 mm. I just took some measurements of the thickness of the actual hide I'm working with, and it ranges from 1.5 to 1.85mm. There is some variation to the thickness at different places, and the note in the catalog I have mentions that weight is measured "in the butt area, along the backbone, about six inches in". Hope that helps!

    I just noticed on the Hidehouse website, there is a phone number for international orders: 707.255.6160. Good luck with your project...

  5. Thank you.
    This thickness would be perfect for me and it looks absolutely perfect for my comming project.
    I have ideas to make a complete bondage suit which you can use like a straightjacket,leggbinder your f-suit, and a lot of more combibations.
    If you like you and all others to are more than velcome to put in ideas :-)

    Well, I contacted the Hidehouse and they are able to send to sweden but they would not send me a sample as it should be to expensive. So I think I will order a hide and hope it well be god as it seems.

    All the best