Sunday, April 15, 2012

My new favorite movie?

OK, so I haven't seen it yet. I don't even think it's out yet, but this is right up my alley: beautiful Asian girls, vac-bed bondage stylishly shot, all wrapped in a Hong-Kong film noir thriller - what's not to love? Hopefully this will come out on DVD someday soon. Check out the trailer below or on YouTube.


  1. It's available as a bluray in France, and on DVD in The Netherlands and UK from what I can see. However, it also appears to be region locked (Amazon says region B on the bluray) so I'm hesitant to just order it and hope for the best.

  2. This movie not showing on theater, reason this movie is Art Film.

  3. Remember, when you play on a computer, with some of the playback programs, you can change the region and/or ignore it. In addition, with Cyberlink, for example, it gives you 5 plays before you have to lock down your region.

  4. I've seen this. The vacbed sequence in the preview happens right at the start of the film, and it's good, but there's little else to recommend this film for pervs. There's a bondage scene later on, but the entire film suffers from bdsm-as-sicko-murderers syndrome, including the vacbed scene.

  5. The room for vacbed, and vacbed machine designs are great. But the sad thing is that bdsm is used in this movie to show some really sick murders. One murder of the girl in vacbed, by suffocation and cuting deep inside her belly. Second murder (closer to the end of a movie), on a paralyzed girl which is in total suspension (again the machine, and room are nice). During this suspension, the murder woman cuts the skin of her victim on whole the body. The victim can feel, but can't move. It's very sick, and makes a lot of bad for peoples perspective on bdsm.
    All the movie was rather boring for me.

    1. Lukasz, I agree - the vacbed design is really cool. The set and lighting are awesome! As with most "fetish-in-the-movies" scenes however, things don't go so well for someone. I wish someone would let something pervy happen in a good way, but that will probably never happen... at least in my lifetime!